Youtube Reboot

I’m getting back into Youtube, first by posting footage I’ve been holding onto. While it’s a lot of work, it’s also a lot of fun capturing everything and looking back at all of the great times I’ve had with my family and friends. It’s like I get to relive the moments over and over. Here’s my intro video.

Summer OOTD + Update

Elleword - Green Maxie OOTD

Summer is here and I’m loving every moment of it! My husband and I went swimming twice this past weekend and I’ve taken up doing morning yoga and walking Justice (woof) in the evenings. I love that it’s still warm after sunset! My friend and her bestie just moved into our complex so I’m looking forward to visiting them this week!

Today’s another day ‘at the office’ as I edit images, prep blogs, post on social media and write up paid blog postings. After stretching this morning, I felt really loose and calm. To boost my mood, I decided to wear my thrifted green maxi dress ($2 I believe) and a necklace that I bought from Charming Charlie a year ago. I’m spending most of the day at home, hence my bare feet. This dress is really soft, flowy and comfortable. I can do anything in a maxi!

Elleword - my rosy necklace went perfect with this thrifted maxie dress. So comfy!

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Once I finish up work for the day, I’m going to start prepping for Brandon’s birthday tomorrow! We are going to have some family over, eat and play a few games. He said he just wanted to chill which means I’ll be spending the day cleaning up our place and getting ready for guests to arrive! In between that, I hope to record a few videos for my Youtube channel. Working on my own has me so inspired!

Have courage,

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It’s Official, This Girl is a Boss!

Portrait of Mikayla by Gernelle Nelson

All of my personal projects (my blog, Youtube channel and style archive) have been on hold for the last couple of weeks but for a good reason. After lots of prep, I’ve finally started…

Gernelle Nelson LLC is open for business!


Cue the celebration music and bust a move my friends! You’re now reading the blog of DFW’s newest women & wedding photographer! Continue reading “It’s Official, This Girl is a Boss!”

July 25, 15 OOTD: Navy and Zebra Stripes

Brandon and I did a lot of running around this weekend. By the time Sunday came, we’d bought several games for the wii and movies. I also connected with two Japanese women in the US that want to do a language exchange with me! I’m really excited about that since I’m studying Japanese independently. I also found some Youtube channels to follow along with as I learn.

It was really hot so I opted for these navy lace shorts from a brand called Alt B. and my thrifted Zebra top and brown sandals. I really loved this look (my husband raved over it too 😀 ). I will definitely be wearing this combo again. My shoulders are naturally broad and seemed to stand out in this OOTD but I’ve learned to embrace that, no shoulder pads required. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Have courage,

My Friend Elle went with lace navy blue shorts and a thrifted zebra top for today's ootd

July 21st OOTD: Mixing Graphics with Textures

It’s been too long since I’ve posted an OOTD. I’ve been working on my Youtube Channel and networking with bloggers a lot lately. My husband has even agreed to vlog with me over the weekends so things are really starting to come together. It’s been fun recording together but in the mist of all that, I forgot to blog, sorry! I’ll get back on my OOTD and capsule wardrobe game stat! Speaking of, here’s what I wore today. I can’t remember where this top is from but I found it in a drawer and decided to wear it to work. I’d usually wear jeans with something like this so I decided to ditch that tradition and go for this thrifted red skirt instead. This bracelet was a gift from Brandon, originally bought at Royal Bleau in Jackson, MS. Then I just put on some comfy flats and skipped the make-up for the day. What do you think?

Have courage,

My Friend Elle's OOTD for July 21st, 2015

Birthday Video: My YouTube Channel is UP

My Friend Ell and Nae celebrated their birthday by making a video for YouTube, check it out!

I’m so excited to say that my YouTube Channel is up and running. I have a few videos up but the most recent is one that my sister and I made to celebrate our birthday (yup, we are twins). I hope to start putting my fashion journey on my channel soon, showing people some of my ideas for weekly wardrobes and more. Please check out my video and subscribe to my channel! I’d love to hear your thoughts on how it came out! Just click the image below!

My Friend Ell and Nae celebrated their birthday by making a video for YouTube, check it out!

Have courage,

I’m on Youtube!

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on new content for a Youtube Channel that I’m launching this Sunday, July 5th (happy birthday to me!). I’ve posted a channel preview to give you guys an idea of what I’ll be making videos on. It’s a lot of work putting videos and keywords and thumbnails together but fun too. I’ve got lots of material and just need to make some time each day to create! Please check out my video and subscribe to my channel !!!

Have courage,


June 24th OOTD: Remixing my Forever 21 Dress

Today I decided to try something different with my OOTD. I grabbed my thrifted purple skirt (Hillard & Hanson) and paired it a dress from Forever 21. With a little tucking and the right ear rings, I wound up with a colorful draping effect on top and a classic fit on the bottom. I wanted to be comfortable so I just tossed on some tan sandals (I think from Payless actually). Today was even better because I got to chat with an old friend. Now on to the video editing! My Youtube channel launches on July 5th. If you read my blog on the regular basis, feel free to let me know what you’d like to see. I’m thinking art, fashion, photos and logging.

Have courage,

My Friend Elle tries two skirts in one

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Halted by Germs

I’m sorry that I have posted this week’s capsule and daily outfits. I’ve been trying to survive going to work while not feeling well for a few days. Today, however, is proving to be too much for me. I have a scheduled conference call with my boss and a client at 11:45 am. I decided to stay until that was done and then go back home and rest. I’d be happy to share my OOTDs with you once I get better, which is hopefully in a day or two. Until then, feel free to have a seat in our luxurious lobby and grab a complimentary latte while you wait. 😉 Continue reading “Halted by Germs”