Stepping it Up Five Notches

I was looking on Instagram at other wedding industry professionals’ accounts and was immediately reminded that I hadn’t posted to my own account in over a week. That’s like years in social media time. How do I expect to get my company noticed with lackluster performance like that? Furthermore, if I want to meet women, brides and wedding pros, I can’t do it by going to work and then going home. I have to put in the work required, as much as I can when I’m not at my desk job. I think this is my wake up call!

Now that the holidays over and the normal routine has come back to haunt me, I’ve got to shake things up. There’s no way I’m going to reach my goals by doing the same thing that I’ve always done. If I want to be a business owner who is actually taking on clients, I need to work at it everyday.

I’ve already started working on reversing this horrible way of doing business. First, I’ve scored a speaking opportunity at a workshop for new business owners next month. I’ll be talking about Networking and building relationships (ironic eh?) and gifting someone with a photo session. Secondly, I’ve signed up to go to a grand opening party for a new bridal shop this Wednesday. The party planners, bridal shop owners and lots of brides will be in attendance! It’s going to be my first official networking event of the year. My goal is to connect with the planners and shop owners, give them my info and follow up with a phone call or email for a one on one meetup. And finally, I’m going to join a group of photographers for an after work meet and greet in Dallas on the 27th as well as one with other bloggers this Saturday!

For the next 12 months, I’m going to be more social and active online than I’ve ever been! As things progress, I’ll give you an update!

Have courage (and get moving!),



Why I’m leaving Facebook

At the end of February, I’m giving up Facebook. Here are my reasons.

Living Online – People now depend on FB to stay in touch with others. They have stopped making phone calls and visits. It seems like the western world is losing the integrity of social interaction because we are moving away from actual interaction. That’s why someone can have hundreds of connections online but can’t count on one hand the number of true friends they have. I’m no different. I know and get along with plenty of people but I’ve only made one actual friend since moving here in April 2013. Going forward, I’m going to start taking advantage of face to face interaction and putting the internet in it’s proper place. It is a tool, not life itself. I want to make real friends, go on adventures, and make memories. Continue reading “Why I’m leaving Facebook”