Aug. 24, 2015 OOTD: Resisting Retail has Begun

I still have a few days left in my 30 day grace period but there is nothing more that I need to add to my wardrobe at this point so I’m officially starting the challenge of Resisting Retail for the next 365 days. I even added a countdown widget at the bottom of my site to keep me motivated. My next post will include images of my entire wardrobe so you guys can see what I have to choose from and even help me pick some OOTDs if you like. Something that seems to be a result of this challenge is my being more conscious of what I want to wear and wanting to look my best. With that in mind, my first outfit felt like a perfect way to kick things off.

I bought this top weeks ago, only back then, it was way too big for me and had sleeves. I did some alterations myself and made it fit, ditching the sleeves in the process. Then I just paired it with these thrifted white slacked (originally from The Limited) and my brown wedges from DSW. I felt so chic in this outfit and managed to go through the entire day without getting anything on my pants, win! What do you guys think? Let me know with a comment. If you’re participating in a wardrobe challenge or downsizing to a seasonal capsule I’d love to hear about it.

Have courage,

Elle is wearing a floral sleeveless top that she altered with some white slacks and brown wedge heels.

3.28.15 My OOTD

Today’s ootd is really big, to me at least, lol. I found this dress at the thrift shop and really liked the pattern but it was way too big to fit me. After watching some sewing tutorials and reading some books from the library, I adjusted it to fit me and even added pockets. All that was left to do was to add a belt. I really love this dress and plan to wear it often. How do you think it turned out? Any tips or comments are greatly appreciated.

Have courage,


3.23.15 Monday’s Outfit

To start the week off, I decided to wear my green slacks from the Gap, mini cable knit sweater and Forever 21 belt. I felt really cute today and it seemed to have an effect on my work day as well. Like plenty of ladies (and gents) out there, I am working on improving my wardrobe. I want to put a higher focus on femininity and what I call “modestly sexy”.

As a way to stay within my budget, I have taken up sewing. With my new skills, I am going to take items that I get from Thrift stores and tailor/customize them for a better fit/look. I can’t wait to start sharing my re-fashioned works. So far, this is my second week of planning my outfits based on a capsule of ten items. Because I know I am limited in advance, I choose a a emphasis color and then surround it with neutrals, textures and a few patterns. By adding some accessories, I create five outfits to wear to work during the week and on the weekend, but for the sake of the blog, and my time, I only archive my week day looks. I’m not a professional stylist or guru. I’m just a girl learning to define my style, one week at a time.

Have courage,


Sew What’s New

Seems like I’ve been spending more and more time in front of computers lately. My supervisor wants me to finish up a portion of my training by the end of the month. Usually when I get home, I get right back in front of the computer and start drawing something with my Wacom. But lately, my mind has been feeling overloaded with tech and I need an escape. Of course, I can’t fully take a break from the computer, it’s a key part of my job. But in order to disconnect from some of that, I’m setting some rules for myself.

1. No work training outside of work. I need to get a life!
2. Only draw/illustrate when I feel like it. It’s not like I’m being graded
3. Get physical. My dog and I are going to be walking/jogging buddies. All this sitting down is starting to show! Continue reading “Sew What’s New”