OOTD: Friday Floral and Denim

Today’s ootd was experimental. It was cold out but I still wanted to wear a skirt. To stay warm, I threw on some olive colored tights and another skirt underneath my vintage blue floral skirt (thrifted). I paired it with a thrifted denim jacket that I wore as a top, a thrifted woven belt and a burgundy necklace that I found on clearance at Icing. Wasn’t sure what shoes to wear so I just went with a pair of black Mary Janes.

I coordinated a company wide paper airplane contest today. Everyone had so much fun getting away from their cubicles and just playing around like kids. My team won the best looking plane award and a cash prize! Not a bad way to start the weekend!

Have courage,


Tackling Mom’s Wardrobe

Mom’s closet after the makeover

Over the holiday break, I sat down with my mom and helped her determine her personal style. She had soooo many things in the closet but felt like she didn’t have much to wear. After leafing through a few books and her closet, we determined that she has Gamine style = sweet and charming. After a few hours of holding up garments for her to keep or give away, we ended up with 41 keepers. We realized that she loved hues of pink and biege/gold for tops and dark colored pants. She wanted a 50 piece wardrobe so I took her thrift shopping (her first time!). Continue reading “Tackling Mom’s Wardrobe”

Resisting Retail: My Wardrobe Photo Library

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m on this Resisting Retail Challenge where I’m not buying clothes for a year. As promised, I have photographed every item in my closet that I plan on wearing for the next 365 days (this doesn’t include fitness items, sleepwear or undies). I was nervous about starting this challenge because I really enjoy thrift shopping. As I lined up all of my clothes and labeled them, I quickly discovered that I had a lot of choices.

Here are the stats:

55 Tops
13 Pants
7 Jackets & Blazers
4 Pairs of Shorts
31 Skirts Dresses

It just goes to show you that I’m pretty much equipped not to shop for a while. If you think of it with a worldly perspective, the amount of clothes I have is really excessive in comparison to someone who only has one outfit that they wear out of the house and one to wear at home. I’m truly blessed, right where I am, to have so many options. It’s not about warmth or coverage, I’ve dipped into the style and self expression pool. I’m thankful and grateful but it’s time to stop shopping and start styling with what I have available. So without further ado, here are my clothes. If you want to participate in the challenge, feel free to pick out an outfit and leave your thoughts in a comment. I’ll wear the items you chose and post them on my blog. Click on a set of items for a closer look. Have courage.




Aug. 31, 15 OOTD: Monday’s Back to Work Look

Continuing on with my challenge of not shopping for clothes for a year, my first goal is to wear everything in my closet once for the first round of OOTDs. Today I wore my black cardigan from Ross as a top, wrapping it around my waist and tying it up in the back over my thrifted dress that I adjusted a few months ago. It’s not my favorite OOTD but you never know until you wear something. I think I looked pretty good for a Monday’s back to work look. What do you think?

Have courage,

Elle is wearing a black cardigan as a wrap top over a DIY altered patterned dress

Aug. 28 OOTD: Friday Freedom

It was another tough day at work, juggling two jobs at once but I made it through without too much complaining, lol. I’m very excited about my OOTD today because it included a skirt that I made myself. The skirt used to be attached to a vintage puffy sleeved long dress that may have been work by an old lady in the 90s at some point, lol. It was pretty overwhelming on the eyes but I cut the bottom half off and added elastic to the waistband to refashion it into a flowy skirt. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Brandon helped me put this OOTD together since I couldn’t find my glasses this morning. We paired it with a thrifted Old Navy denim top, a leather belt and my nude shoes from Target. My bag is from Charming Charlie.  What do you think?

Have courage,

Elle is wearing a floral skirt that she refashioned form an old dress along with a thrifted Old Navy denim top, leather belt and a mint green purse from Charming Charlie.

Aug. 24, 2015 OOTD: Resisting Retail has Begun

I still have a few days left in my 30 day grace period but there is nothing more that I need to add to my wardrobe at this point so I’m officially starting the challenge of Resisting Retail for the next 365 days. I even added a countdown widget at the bottom of my site to keep me motivated. My next post will include images of my entire wardrobe so you guys can see what I have to choose from and even help me pick some OOTDs if you like. Something that seems to be a result of this challenge is my being more conscious of what I want to wear and wanting to look my best. With that in mind, my first outfit felt like a perfect way to kick things off.

I bought this top weeks ago, only back then, it was way too big for me and had sleeves. I did some alterations myself and made it fit, ditching the sleeves in the process. Then I just paired it with these thrifted white slacked (originally from The Limited) and my brown wedges from DSW. I felt so chic in this outfit and managed to go through the entire day without getting anything on my pants, win! What do you guys think? Let me know with a comment. If you’re participating in a wardrobe challenge or downsizing to a seasonal capsule I’d love to hear about it.

Have courage,

Elle is wearing a floral sleeveless top that she altered with some white slacks and brown wedge heels.

August 26 OOTD: Hump Day, Hard Day

Today was a rough day. I had so many tasks flying at me at work, I got kinda burned out mentally. I’m covering my work and a co-worker’s duties while he is out on vacation this week. Besides a bunch of work, my temporary crown broke into three pieces and I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Apparently they neglected to schedule me for my permanent fitting when I got this thing and I should have had it removed weeks ago. SMH, what the hay man? Despite that, I was still able to find a good OOTD consisting of one of my newer thrifted tops,originally from the Limited and my green slacks from the Gap. Let me know what you think of this one. My pics are a little darker than usual, I didn’t get to take these until the sun was setting.

Have courage,


July 31, OOTD: Hot Outside, Cold Indoors

To finish off the month of July, I combined a mini dress, denim jacket and thrifted shorts for work. It’s getting really hot outside so my wardrobe is starting to get interesting, depending on how cold it is in the office in comparison to how hot it is outside. I wasn’t sure how this would turn out but once I took these pics, I felt pretty good about it. Thank goodness for loose dress codes at work. The other day I wore a button down top and proceeded to sweat all day long. haha.

Let me know what you think about this and feel free to leave a comment.

Have courage,

My Friend Elle's OOTD July 30, 2015

July 25, 15 OOTD: Navy and Zebra Stripes

Brandon and I did a lot of running around this weekend. By the time Sunday came, we’d bought several games for the wii and movies. I also connected with two Japanese women in the US that want to do a language exchange with me! I’m really excited about that since I’m studying Japanese independently. I also found some Youtube channels to follow along with as I learn.

It was really hot so I opted for these navy lace shorts from a brand called Alt B. and my thrifted Zebra top and brown sandals. I really loved this look (my husband raved over it too 😀 ). I will definitely be wearing this combo again. My shoulders are naturally broad and seemed to stand out in this OOTD but I’ve learned to embrace that, no shoulder pads required. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Have courage,

My Friend Elle went with lace navy blue shorts and a thrifted zebra top for today's ootd