Thrift it Clique Relaxed July 4th OOTD

To keep up with the Thrift it Clique’s OOTD posts, I put together this simple Independence Day inspired outfit. This white v-neck tee was bought for fun dance that I did with a group of girls and women at a basketball last month. Underneath the t-shirt, I wore a royal blue camisole and finished my patriotic look with my thrifted red jeans.

This year, my husband and I are taking it easy for Independence Day. This morning, we loaded Justice (woof) up with his travel backpack and took a long walk around the neighborhood.We had to pause about a block away from home so Justice could rest his paws. He’s pretty stocky (and furry) so we have to be conscious of when he’s getting tired and take a break.

After that, we camped out in front of our laptops. I watched episodes of Tiny Toons and sketched up a four panel comic as Brandon laughed at pranksters on Youtube. We’re planning on spending the rest of our time swimming and snacking. Sigh, this is the life!

Have courage,
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Elleword - my red white and blue ootd for July 4th, 2016

July 21st OOTD: Mixing Graphics with Textures

It’s been too long since I’ve posted an OOTD. I’ve been working on my Youtube Channel and networking with bloggers a lot lately. My husband has even agreed to vlog with me over the weekends so things are really starting to come together. It’s been fun recording together but in the mist of all that, I forgot to blog, sorry! I’ll get back on my OOTD and capsule wardrobe game stat! Speaking of, here’s what I wore today. I can’t remember where this top is from but I found it in a drawer and decided to wear it to work. I’d usually wear jeans with something like this so I decided to ditch that tradition and go for this thrifted red skirt instead. This bracelet was a gift from Brandon, originally bought at Royal Bleau in Jackson, MS. Then I just put on some comfy flats and skipped the make-up for the day. What do you think?

Have courage,

My Friend Elle's OOTD for July 21st, 2015

3.19.15 My Sick Day OOTD

Today I woke up feeling pretty lousy so I called in sick. After sending a few work emails I got a text from my boss telling me to stop working and watch “The Price is Right”, hahah. So I stopped working and turned to Netflix, tea and soup. After a few hours I started to feel a little better so I started fixing up the apartment, mainly organizing those junkiest of closets and pantries. Since I’m not going out today, I grabbed what looked like the most comfortable items from this week’s capsule. I’d tell you where the sweater and dress were from but I honestly can’t remember.

Have courage,


3.18.15 Today’s Outfit

I wasn’t feeling so good this morning and ended up going to work late but I still chose my capsule over sweats. The cardigan was given to me by a friend. I bought the zebra shirt from a thrift shop. The necklace was a gift from my mom and the earrings were made by my mom. Charming Charlie made my bracelet. Any tips or encouragement is appreciated.

Have courage,


3.17.15 Today’s Outfit

So my images from yesterday weren’t so great. I will probably reshoot that outfit before the week is out, considering I need to hem my black slacks. They were falling over my shoes.

Anyway, today the red belt made a second appearance. I decided to wear the vintage long vest, pre-owned by my husband’s Mom, with black jeans given to me by my Mom. Add some ruby colored earrings from Charming Charlie and boom, outfit number two!

Have Courage,


3.16.15 Today’s Outfit

Today i wanted to wear something comfortable so I went with the slacks and floral top.

I bought the top from the thrift store for $4 a week ago. My outfit felt like it was too casual so I added the red belt to give it some edge. Before leaving the house, I pulled my hair up into one of my trusty protective styles and put on a pair of earrings. No makeup today, and that’s ok. We just bought a full length mirror for our room. Looking at myself in the morning made me feel a lot more confident than when I had to assume my who outfit looked good when I could only see the top half in the bathroom.

Have courage,