Working From Home Aspirations

I was thinking of ideas for items that I could offer during the times when photography sessions have slowed down. As I was listing ideas and reserving library books on the topic, I suddenly felt excited at the idea of working for myself full-time as a graphic designer and photographer. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to be a working stay at home wife (SAHW)? I’m not planning on doing this in preparation to become a stay at home mom. While stay at home mothers have my respect, my husband and I have so much going on in our lives and taking care of our dog Justice is enough responsibility.

I’m talking about working as an artist on my own terms. Of course, I can’t just up and quit my job, we have debts to pay off; I don’t want to put that kind of pressure and stress on our marriage. We’ve already started coming up with a plan to make this transition happen in the next four years. In the meantime, I’ve started making a list of benefits that could come from making this transition.

1) More time to dedicate to writing and learning new design techniques.
When you work full-time on a day job, it’s hard (if possible at times) to improve your craft because you still have to make dinner, edit 200 images, workout, clean up, and hopefully spend some time with your spouse. Being able to do this during the day will free up my nights for fun and relaxation. When Brandon and I get off from work, I want us to be able to enjoy our time together without cutting that time short because I have to get back on my iMac for three hours.

2) No more weekend errands.
We have to turn down a lot of invites on weekends because we usually have to use that time to catch up on tasks we couldn’t do during the week because of schedule conflicts. I’m looking forward to is being able to handle errands like grocery shopping, taking Justice to the vet, and laundry during the week. With these things out of the way, when the weekend hits, we will have more time to do things we actually enjoy like reading, shopping, and spending time together with friends. We could take more romantic weekend day trips!

3) Enhanced quality time with my family and husband.
I look forward to being able to spend our evenings doing something fun or relaxing together without house work or Photoshop competing for our attention. Justice (woof) spends most of the day by himself in our apartment. While he is safe there, that’s a long time to have to hold your bowels without relief. Working at home means he’d have less accidents indoors and get more exercise and socialization. When our family comes to visit, I want to be able to spend time with them, not leave them to entertain themselves while both Brandon and I are at work for 8 or 9 hours. I’d love to be able to show them around town, arrange a fun activity, or just catch up on how everyone is doing. This may sound ‘domestic’ coming from me, but the idea of making my visiting family members breakfast makes me smile.

4) Open availability to travel.
I can’t tell you how many graduations, reunions and family milestones we have missed because of me not being able to take off from work. We have yet to meet two of our nieces in person since they were born. It’s a lot easier to coordinate time off for Brandon’s job because he has a large number of paid time off days at his disposal. I have 5 days, one of them being reserved for moving into our new apartment next month. There’s no way we can go home for Christmas and Thanksgiving without making them stressful turnaround trips. You know the type. You drive 12 hours to get there, spend one day in town and then drive 12 hours back. At this rate, we can just forget about taking a vacation.

As you can see, both of us will be working to support our household financially. But we’d rather do that while having more energy and time to enjoy our lives and marriage at the same time.

— Elle

Whatever’s Clever Date


The week had been a busy one, full of long days of working and helping out at church. There’s two things you can do after a week like that; sleep or do something fun. My husband Brandon and I haven’t gone out in a little while so we decided to go on a whatever’s clever date. We call it that because you spend the day trying new things or going somewhere you haven’t been before as long as it looks fun or interesting.  We’ve been here for a year and are finally able to go out and explore what’s around us. This date was a G-baby date, meaning I got to decide where we were going and what we did for the day. Continue reading “Whatever’s Clever Date”

The Romance Movement

I wanted to purposely address another area in my life that could always benefit from more effort. Adding to that list of goals, I am working on being more romantic and thoughtful in my marriage. I can already hear some of you now, that’s his job to romance you. Hear me out will ya?

My husband has been such a good friend to me ever since we started dating five years ago. He does his best to consider my feelings and thoughts when it comes to making big decisions. He is faithful to God and to me. When I think about that, I have to remember the times before we met. I won’t go down the list, they aren’t worth mentioning, but I will say this. My husband is truly the best man I know and having him in my life is a big deal. In a world full of ‘independent women’ I’m not ashamed to say that I love my husband and that we are co-dependent on God and each other. That being said, I want to make sure he knows that I appreciate him. Continue reading “The Romance Movement”

DIT: Love Lottery

Do it together 🙂 Shout out to all the couples in love out there! If you enjoy going on spontaneous dates, try doing the love lotto. List 10 locations and 10 dollar amounts on slips of paper. These are your lotto tickets! Make sure the location and cash tickets are easy to identify. We used two types of patterned paper for ours. Fold them up and place them in a bowl or container.
Continue reading “DIT: Love Lottery”