Resisting Retail: My Wardrobe Photo Library

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m on this Resisting Retail Challenge where I’m not buying clothes for a year. As promised, I have photographed every item in my closet that I plan on wearing for the next 365 days (this doesn’t include fitness items, sleepwear or undies). I was nervous about starting this challenge because I really enjoy thrift shopping. As I lined up all of my clothes and labeled them, I quickly discovered that I had a lot of choices.

Here are the stats:

55 Tops
13 Pants
7 Jackets & Blazers
4 Pairs of Shorts
31 Skirts Dresses

It just goes to show you that I’m pretty much equipped not to shop for a while. If you think of it with a worldly perspective, the amount of clothes I have is really excessive in comparison to someone who only has one outfit that they wear out of the house and one to wear at home. I’m truly blessed, right where I am, to have so many options. It’s not about warmth or coverage, I’ve dipped into the style and self expression pool. I’m thankful and grateful but it’s time to stop shopping and start styling with what I have available. So without further ado, here are my clothes. If you want to participate in the challenge, feel free to pick out an outfit and leave your thoughts in a comment. I’ll wear the items you chose and post them on my blog. Click on a set of items for a closer look. Have courage.




August 26 OOTD: Hump Day, Hard Day

Today was a rough day. I had so many tasks flying at me at work, I got kinda burned out mentally. I’m covering my work and a co-worker’s duties while he is out on vacation this week. Besides a bunch of work, my temporary crown broke into three pieces and I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Apparently they neglected to schedule me for my permanent fitting when I got this thing and I should have had it removed weeks ago. SMH, what the hay man? Despite that, I was still able to find a good OOTD consisting of one of my newer thrifted tops,originally from the Limited and my green slacks from the Gap. Let me know what you think of this one. My pics are a little darker than usual, I didn’t get to take these until the sun was setting.

Have courage,


July 1, 15 OOTD: Taking Some Time for Us

Brandon (the hubs) and I have taken the rest of the week off from our day jobs to relax, have some fun and enjoy turning a year older. His birthday was June 29th and mine is this Sunday, July 5th. We’ve managed to get a lot done around the house. I took some pics, edited some pics, acquired a new client, networked with some models and recorded a video for my Youtube channel that launches on my birthday. I’m on a roll baby! Just being home and working on these things gives me a rush. I can see this being my normal routine in the near future. No talking to pushy rude clients on the phone. No having to be stuck in a cubicle. I’ll be able to work on my own terms, that is pretty awesome!

Anyways, I decided to wear my Agaci razorback crop top and my green slacks from the Gap. I’ll probably wear some brown shoes with this once we leave the house. But for now, I’ll be chilling barefooted.

Have courage,

My Friend Elle's OOTD for July 1st 2015

5.9.15 OOTD: Thrift Shopping and Youtube

Today my sister, her husband and I went thrift shopping together. We captured some of our day on camera and I plan to create a few videos for Youtube later. We had a good time and I racked up 16 items for just under $47!! My sister loved the aztec printed tube skort so I gave it to her as a gift. 🙂 I wore my black knit sweater (thrift store find) over my lace razorback top from Forever 21. Then I just slipped on my blue slacks from the gap and gold Coach shoes. This is a new combination for me but I think it worked out well.

Have courage,


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Weekly Capsule: May 5 – 12

It’s been a few weeks since the last time I did a capsule so I’m jumping back on it this week. I’ve been doing lots of work on getting my business and YouTube channel up and running. I’ve been feeling really productive and excited about it all. I’m really doing this and I truly believe that it’s going to succeed. Ok, back to the capsule. I picked out this week’s items based on patterns and textures instead of colors. I just grabbed the things I love most: lace and bold patterns. Let me know what you guys think about this round of picks.

Have courage,


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