My Work Wardrobe Capsule

One of the things that I’ve been doing while establishing my company, Gernelle Nelson LLC, is planning my marketing strategy and coming up with a brand standard. I thought it would be great to do the same thing with my wardrobe. While I am not shopping for another 10 months, I want the items that I wear when working with a photography client to match my brand words = Stylish, Classic and Feminine. I went through my visual wardrobe and pulled out the items that I felt matched these words and my company color scheme. Please let me know what you think. 😀

By the way, my company website, Facebook and Instagram pages are up. My full website content will be up by the end of the month. Check me out, leave comments and follow me. I have a voucher for a free print for my first 100 clients on the website. Sign up ok? 😀


Hace courage,

Gernelle Nelson Wardrobe Capsule

Have courage,

It’s Official, This Girl is a Boss!

Portrait of Mikayla by Gernelle Nelson

All of my personal projects (my blog, Youtube channel and style archive) have been on hold for the last couple of weeks but for a good reason. After lots of prep, I’ve finally started…

Gernelle Nelson LLC is open for business!


Cue the celebration music and bust a move my friends! You’re now reading the blog of DFW’s newest women & wedding photographer! Continue reading “It’s Official, This Girl is a Boss!”

Why I’m leaving Facebook

At the end of February, I’m giving up Facebook. Here are my reasons.

Living Online – People now depend on FB to stay in touch with others. They have stopped making phone calls and visits. It seems like the western world is losing the integrity of social interaction because we are moving away from actual interaction. That’s why someone can have hundreds of connections online but can’t count on one hand the number of true friends they have. I’m no different. I know and get along with plenty of people but I’ve only made one actual friend since moving here in April 2013. Going forward, I’m going to start taking advantage of face to face interaction and putting the internet in it’s proper place. It is a tool, not life itself. I want to make real friends, go on adventures, and make memories. Continue reading “Why I’m leaving Facebook”