39/365 Glow in the Dark

39/365 Glow in the Dark

Sometimes you just gotta keep going, keep working, keep trying, even when the sun goes down. The more productive I become, the more proactive I realize I need to become. Next year, I want to put myself in front of hundreds of couples and women via pictures and videos. Anyone whose had to make videos alone knows that it’s a time consuming pain in the butt. But (hahah) people love to watch videos because they make us feel like we are getting to know the person on the screen. Hence, I just have to woman up, record, edit and post my work consistently.

29/365 Quiet Morning

29/365 Quiet Morning

Just sipping and thinking. It was cold today so I laid some tights under these thrift store jeans that I distressed myself with a seam ripper. I may have to change the times/order that I do things in the evening. This current routine doesn’t quite feel right…

Resisting Retail Challenge!

Alright you guys, I’m going to take this challenge!

Click here to see my visual wardrobe library, everything I’m wearing next year!

I just made it up after looking through my closet and drawers the other day. After hanging everything up and putting things away, I realized that I had just about everything I’d need to wear without having to buy more clothes. So I asked myself, can I go a year without buying more clothes? What would I do with the money I usually spend on fashion each month? I decided to write up some rules and make this a year long quest to find the answers to those questions. If you decide you want to join me, here are the rules!

Resisting Retail Challenge Rules

  1. 30 Day Grace Period

    Determine if there are any more items that you would need to complete your wardrobe and then go buy them before the first 30 days have passed. You can only add up to 10 items, so choose wisely. Once this stage is over, you can’t buy any more clothes for the remaining 335 days (socks and underwear are exceptions to this rule).

  2. Determine the Time Frame

    I saved this for the second step because you’ll want to think of a time frame that you feel would be right for you. If you have a slight addiction to shopping, 365 days might be too hard to consider. Maybe for you it’s three months, or six months.

  3. Enjoy the Challenge

    Now that you don’t have to worry about shopping for clothes, get creative with the ones you have. Try different combinations based on color, pattern, theme, season or number of items in one OOTD. Ask your friends and supporters to put together outfits and wear those. I plan to do this a lot during my challenge and have photographed everything that I will be wearing outside of the house (excluding exercise gear which I don’t wear unless I’m actually working out).

  4. Spend the Cash on Something Else or Save It

    Since you’re not buying clothes, you should have some extra money at your disposal. Decide what you want to do with it. I plan on getting some of my work clothes tailored, going to local events, buying a GoPro camera and whatever else I can think of. Maybe a good incentive for you is saving the money for something else that you need or want like a huge shopping spree at the end of this challenge.

  5. Evaluate Your Wardrobe

    These are some things to keep in mind during the challenge (you’ll want to answer these questions when it’s all over). What do you seem to be wearing most days? What have you worn the least while taking the challenge? Is there something you can donate to charity? Did you learn or grow in some way while taking this challenge? Were you inspired in other areas?

If you plan on taking this challenge, let me know in the comments and post something about it on your blog. I’d love to see how you decide to spend the extra cash and what combinations of outfits you come up with.

Have courage,