Getting in Sync with your Spouse takes time, Don’t Give Up


Brandon told me that he was having a stressful time at work so I treated him to dinner and a movie. As the night went on, he told me that spending time with me made him feel relieved, relaxed and calm during tough situations. Hearing him say that means so much to me. Things were quite different earlier in our relationship. Continue reading “Getting in Sync with your Spouse takes time, Don’t Give Up”

What Letting your Husband Take the Lead Means to Me

I was reading a blog about wives submitting to their husbands and was struck by a comment that said something to the fact of falling in line behind your husband when he takes the lead or control. I was inspired to write this post and expound on the comment that I left on their blog. I hope it sparks new ideas and positive views. Continue reading “What Letting your Husband Take the Lead Means to Me”

Aug. 24, 2015 OOTD: Resisting Retail has Begun

I still have a few days left in my 30 day grace period but there is nothing more that I need to add to my wardrobe at this point so I’m officially starting the challenge of Resisting Retail for the next 365 days. I even added a countdown widget at the bottom of my site to keep me motivated. My next post will include images of my entire wardrobe so you guys can see what I have to choose from and even help me pick some OOTDs if you like. Something that seems to be a result of this challenge is my being more conscious of what I want to wear and wanting to look my best. With that in mind, my first outfit felt like a perfect way to kick things off.

I bought this top weeks ago, only back then, it was way too big for me and had sleeves. I did some alterations myself and made it fit, ditching the sleeves in the process. Then I just paired it with these thrifted white slacked (originally from The Limited) and my brown wedges from DSW. I felt so chic in this outfit and managed to go through the entire day without getting anything on my pants, win! What do you guys think? Let me know with a comment. If you’re participating in a wardrobe challenge or downsizing to a seasonal capsule I’d love to hear about it.

Have courage,

Elle is wearing a floral sleeveless top that she altered with some white slacks and brown wedge heels.

July 21st OOTD: Mixing Graphics with Textures

It’s been too long since I’ve posted an OOTD. I’ve been working on my Youtube Channel and networking with bloggers a lot lately. My husband has even agreed to vlog with me over the weekends so things are really starting to come together. It’s been fun recording together but in the mist of all that, I forgot to blog, sorry! I’ll get back on my OOTD and capsule wardrobe game stat! Speaking of, here’s what I wore today. I can’t remember where this top is from but I found it in a drawer and decided to wear it to work. I’d usually wear jeans with something like this so I decided to ditch that tradition and go for this thrifted red skirt instead. This bracelet was a gift from Brandon, originally bought at Royal Bleau in Jackson, MS. Then I just put on some comfy flats and skipped the make-up for the day. What do you think?

Have courage,

My Friend Elle's OOTD for July 21st, 2015

Sometimes I Forget my Compassion: Working on being an Encouraging Wife

My husband and I have been married for almost four years now. Lately, when things haven’t gone the way I had hoped, I’ve been getting frustrated and saying how I feel. I am very good about being direct, about staying focused and taking care of business. I’m not so good at looking at things from other’s people’s perspectives or filling up love banks when things aren’t on track. Brandon pointed this out to me the other day as I was questioning him about something that happened between us. He felt like I was blaming him, like he was failing and should just apologize over and over.

Before he said that, I didn’t know how he felt, and I hadn’t asked. Continue reading “Sometimes I Forget my Compassion: Working on being an Encouraging Wife”

June 23rd OOTD: Feeling Spiffy

Today I wanted to wear something that made me feel powerful and professional so I opted for this look. It’s a blue button down from Banana Republic, coupled with these grey plaid slacks and my DSW wedges. I wore my glasses but didn’t wear them here because the light kept causing a glare. It was a no make up kind of day. I can tell my confidence is building because I have started to edit my images less over time. Maybe I’ve been doing a better job of taking care of myself. I used to avoid wearing this shirt because I felt like it was a little too close fitting. Now it fits perfectly as if it were tailored. Hooray for progress!

Have courage,

My Friend Elle June 23rd OOTD

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Vetigo Took Over my Weekend

You don’t know how great some things are until they go missing. Things like being able to turn your head and stand/sit without the room spinning. That’s the kind of thing that has been happening to me for the last four days. I’d been dizzy since Friday so I went to the hospital on Sunday night. Apparently, I have been experiencing vertigo, something that most common in older people. It’s basically random motion sickness that you feel when you move your head because of some inner ear issue. Sometimes you just get dizzy, other times you feel like you could throw up or your head starts hurting. Continue reading “Vetigo Took Over my Weekend”

Hello 2015 and Affirmations

Praise the Lord, we lived to see another year on Earth. Some of us may not be in the best of situations or moods, but we are all here. That’s something to be thankful for.

I’ve attempted to make resolutions in the past but for lack of planning/execution or setting the bar too high, it’s been tough for me to keep them all. This year, to save me some tears, I’ve decided to make a few affirmations instead. Affirmations are motivational sayings that you use to motivate and encourage yourself each day. Over time, they can boost your confidence which can positively affect your actions. There are plenty of areas in my life that I want to improve in but I don’t want to have to quote paragraphs all day. So I decided to come up with a three that can be used in several situations.

A1: Get to work
I’ve been a high achiever since kindergarten, but there are some areas where I’ve started falling short in (or have yet to excel). Take fitness for example. I’m in pretty good shape physically, but I’m nowhere as toned or fit as I used to be. Looking good is useless if you can’t even do 10 push-ups. I’ve become more mindful of this now that I work seated all day. I also have the bad habit of not putting things back where they go, yet feeling stressed if the apartment isn’t clean. The cluttered insanity stops here.

Lastly, I want to get noticed and promoted at work. I’m going to learn new skills in my free time (which is usually about an hour or so during my work day). For those of you who don’t know, I’m a support specialist at a marketing firm. I make changes to client websites and manage our email system. I’ve already impressed my boss by learning the basics of HTML and CSS while using my design skills for requested changes on client websites. He told me that if I want to work on a certain thing more often (and not have to work with email or clients as much), I should learn as much as I can and show that I can do the work. Meanwhile, he’s going to talk to the owner about getting me a raise!

A2: Preserve the sexy (don’t laugh!)
This one focuses on my appearance and avoiding unhealthy choices in food/drinks. I’m notorious for wearing what feels good, but not necessarily what looks good. I can wear just about whatever I want at work so that just enables me more. I’m not going to run out and replace my wardrobe; the one I have is great. I’ve just got to come up with some good combinations along with easy hair styles and BAM… instant charm.

I’m changing my meal choices based on the Mediterranean diet. That means lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, olive, nuts and beans with some yogurt on the side. I can still have eggs, cheese and meat, just in smaller servings. The great thing about this is that I already love to eat those things so it wont be a crisis when I start to decrease the amounts of other foods until I only eat the healthy stuff (with cake and ice cream on occasion!). I want my insides to look as great as the outside, or better!

A3: Everything is going to be alright. God’s got it.
It is easy for me to become stressed or overwhelmed at times. Add ‘not planning or keeping track of things’ to the mix and you’ve got a breakdown in the making. It seems like I have so much to do until I write it all down. But if I see an unchecked item in my planner, I literally feel tense. Then there’s those random things that just happen that you can’t plan for. In times like these, or worse, I have to remind myself that my help comes from God. That since He has already planned and purposed my life, I can relax and just trust HIM. Easier said than done, I know, but I get closer to inner peace everyday. I want my first reflex at the sight of trouble to be prayer, not panic. After all, He has already given us the power to get wealth and to get through obstacles.

Happy New Year.
Have courage, take a step.

Embracing my Inner Night Owl

For years I have had trouble waking up early.

I’ve also had trouble staying asleep at night, so, while I may have gone to bed at 10, I’m exhausted when it’s time to wake up the next morning. For the past month, I’ve been attempting to wake up at 5am in order to get more things done before I leave for work but that only lead to failure after drifting back to sleep failure. I’ve read all of these articles about how great it is to be an early riser and the benefits that come along with them for inspiration. After all, the most successful people in the world wake up before everyone else, right?  I tried coming up with a better night routine (which I have yet to follow through consistently with) and being more physical during the day, but I still can’t manage to fall asleep until 11:30 or midnight. The other night, I was drawing and watching Shrek the Third when it dawned on me; maybe I shouldn’t fight what comes natural to me. I naturally fall asleep later than most and wake up around 6 in the morning. Why does that have to be a bad thing?

Yes, many believe that you need 8 hours of sleep to function well, but I’ve read that some people only need 6 hours, otherwise they wake up feeling more tired than they were when they went to sleep. We’re all different; different blood types, heights, features, etc. We all need similar things but not in the same doses. I’m no doctor, but it’s not hard to conclude that this applies to sleep as well. There are some researchers in London that agree. In fact, Researcher Satoshi Kanazawa and his colleagues found evidence that night owls are more likely to have higher IQs (for the record, I believe that anyone can be great if they work at it).

Did it ever dawn on someone to think, maybe early birds just need more sleep? My husband for example, needs at least 7 if not 8 hours of sleep. Without it, he is likely to be tired, grumpy and less focused the next day. I tend to be full of energy at night and enjoy sketching, reading or looking at photographs. If I wait until I’m sleepy to lay down, instead of a particular time of night, I seem to have more success at falling asleep. Some nights, that’s 10, others, its 1 am. Why do I have to wake up at the crack of dawn in order to be successful? President Obama, and Winston Churchill are both models for success and both are night owls. I did well in school, and am learning something new everyday at work. I have managed to keep a healthy weight and emotional status while avoiding signs of premature aging. Most people see me and think that I’m 16; that’s off by 11 years!

From now on, I’m going to embrace my nocturnal tendencies because that’s my nature. At night, there’s less noise and less social pressure. I don’t have to worry about running errands, taking phone calls or text messages. I can truly relax, pray, spend some quality time with Justice (woof) or whatever I want.

So maybe you don’t wake up as early as other people. That doesn’t make you lazy or less likely to succeed. Being awake later than others doesn’t mean you’re going to crash the next day or have bags under your eyes or that you are shaving years off of your life. You’re just wired differently and that’s ok.

Have the courage to take the first step,

More Calamity, More Positivity

If you’ve followed my blog or Facebook page recently, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t updated my 365 project or new summer capsule combos in quite some time. I’ve got a really good reason for this, I promise!

Aside from having car issues, my husband and I also ran into apartment issues at the same time. I don’t want to gross anybody out, but after we moved on the 1st, we had to move again a week later because of a bug and ventilation issue. We literally had to move twice in the last two weeks, while attempting to finish clearing out our original apartment without the use of our car. Oh yea, did I mention that my in-laws came to visit and we had to shoot a wedding during all of this? It was pretty stressful at times. We had to rent cars, walk and take the bus to pull it off (which wasn’t so bad). The bad part was spending so much money on all of these unexpected events. So while all of this was going on, I totally forgot about all of my special projects. But things are finally starting to calm down. My in-laws had a great time on their visit, we’ve got our car back, we are in our new place and I’ve started to edit the wedding images. Yes, we basically spent all of our cash on getting through these ordeals but the positive point is that we had the money to cover it without neglecting any of our other bills! Praise the Lord!

Once the internet gets hooked up at home, I hope that I will be able to do a better job of updating my blog and learning some new design techniques. My goal is to stay busy with creative projects and learning entrepreneur tax practices. In a few years, we will be debt free and by that time, I want to have established a full plan for going solo in the creative industry. Of course, I plan to stack up as much cash as possible beforehand for marketing, savings, home improvement and other things on my list. I can’t tell you how exciting this is. I feel like my dream is about to come true!

Thanks for reading,