I’m Writing a Memoir

After pacing our cozy apartment in an effort to straighten things up a bit, I rewarded myself with some leisure reading. It had been so long since I read anything for pure entertainment but I couldn’t find any fiction that held my interest. I browsed the shelves of our neighborhood library looking for interesting covers and book descriptions among the thousands of options until I found a memoir.

A young woman shared snippets from her life’s biggest milestones after college – moving into a cramped apartment with her best friend Kimmy and mastiff named Gizelle, landing her first non-food related job and life in the busy city of New York – in a colorful endearing way. I scooped it from the bottom shelf and sprinted for the checkout kiosk as if I was trying to secure it to my library card before everyone else in the place realized what a great read it was and started a bookworm riot.


Fast forward back to earlier today. I’m lounging on the couch, leaning over to one side, and reading that book I just described in the last paragraph. At this point, she’d just gotten her first corporate runner job and is starting to find her way in the big apple. I could feel myself getting excited for her as I sped through two chapters. I remembered how exciting, challenging, fun and difficult things were when my husband and I had set off for a new city with nothing but our stuff, our dog and a couple of bucks.

Feeling inspired, I marked my place in the book with a postcard, one of those spam mailers you get a few times a week, and jumped off the sofa. Limped actually. I’d hurt my ankle exercising the day before. I stooped down, running my fingers along the books we’d collected over time and stacked haphazardly on a wide bookshelf that doubled as a stand for our flatscreen TV. It wasn’t long before I spotted them. Three well used, ruffled planners that I’d kept from 2011 until 2014. My memoirs.

I wanted to tell my story and these planners held stories, to-do lists and random doodles that I’d scribbled down over the past couple of years. After some digging through other stacks of books randomly scattered around our apartment, I found two more of these precious books and stacked them on the bed. Six years of my life was now set before me on the wrinkled, ripped and drink stained pages of my planners. There were plenty of gaps, pages where I hadn’t bothered writing anything aside from a to-do list. Other times, I had used them as diaries, writing my feelings down in great detail.


To help me fill the gaps, I read my archived blog posts that I’d written from the spring of my last year in college until now. I really should update it more often! My last resource came in the form of videos that I’d put up on Youtube. Most of them are vlogs that I’d recorded of fun and normal days of marriage for us to look back on. This was it, my first novel, something I’d wanted to write since middle school but had been thrown into a pile of dreams deferred as life happened.

While I was at it, I thought I’d knock out two dreams in one go and decided to put my sketching skills back to work. Aside from a book, I’ve also dreamt of writing and illustrating my own picture books and graphic novels for women over 20. Pulling out some blank sheets of printer paper I thought, What the heck, you’re getting ahead of yourself. I knew I couldn’t illustrate six years of my life in multiple panels on thousands of pages. It had been a long time since I drew on a daily basis and I didn’t want to put more on my plate than I could chew, so to speak.

So I opted for providing a photograph or two for every chapter that I included in my book. With my childhood dreams drifting into view, I set sail on the seas of creativity. I finally had a passion project, something I could design from start to finish without anyone telling me to change (or ruin) something in order to appeal to their personal interests. I pulled out my laptop and started typing the very page you’re reading now.

While some of this book (one I’ll be working on offline) had to be embellished – names changed, a few details left out to protect other’s privacy and stuff like that – the heart of the story remains genuine. This is the tale of how a young woman transitioned from college student, to adult, to wife to business owner over the span of six wonderful years.

Lastly I want to thank my husband Brandon for encouraging me to pursue projects that make me happy. I also want to thank you the reader for taking an interest in my posts. I love hearing from people so by all means, please let me know what you think of each book entry. I’ll be sure to use the category “creative writing” so they’ll be easy to locate.

Have courage,

I suck at Juggling

It’s hard to keep consistent with one thing, let alone 3 or 4, yet here I am trying to balance two brands, a personal blog, and a Youtube channel. As you can see from the date of my last post on here, I suck at juggling. hahahaha. It’s ok though, because I’ve got some help coming in the form of interns! Seriously, I’m getting some interns for my company to help me take care of some things so I can focus on growth and finances.

Ok, enough of that. Here are some photos to update ya on my life lately. I’m slowly and surely getting my life in the health department. I’ve been eating more fruits, especially mango via  smoothies, and taking my dog on longer walks in the morning. I don’t have a real fitness routine as of yet, but I can feel myself getting more energetic. I’m hoping to incorporate biking, hiking, walking and yoga into my weekly routine. By my next birthday, July 5th in case ya want to get me a present hahah, I want to have mastered a fitness regimen. I’m also hoping to have ditched this bra budge and have a flatter stomach.


Chilling like a villain by the pool in the middle of the day. Winning!


Super cheesy shot of us together, but we like cheesy, haha.


All snuggled up on the couch at Nae’s house.


Hitting the road to get Brandon to work on time.


Making a mango blueberry smoothie!


Justice seems to love sleeping on his back the most.


Another shot from the botanical garden.

One thing I have started to be more consistent at is making videos for our (my husband and I) Youtube Channel. I didn’t expect him to get into the vlogging spirit but he has started to enjoy the ride and record on his own! Can’t wait to post the next one featuring him getting physical training from our friend David. In the meantime, here’s our most recent vlog below. If you had fun watching, tell us with a comment, thumbs up and hit the subscribe button.

It’s been a little over a year since I left the corporate world and I must say, I don’t miss it at all! Cue the Beyonce “I ain’t sorry, I ain’t sorry…”. Today my stomach was cramping so I took Justice (woof) for a walk before planting myself by the pool. Sitting there in the shade there was no annoying boss giving me a pile of non departmental tasks to do, no irritable clients calling about their websites…. It was just me and the soft sounds of the wind and water. I will work my butt off everyday if it means never having to go back to that kind of day to day stress! Now I can focus on what matters most to me.

Just in case you guys didn’t know, I’d love to hear from you. Leave comments and questions here or hit me up on Instagram some time. Let’s get social.

Have courage,

Elleword - my thrift store finds for the day. Express brand jeans and a New York & Company tank.

I found $9 Express Jeans Today!

Today I went thrift shopping and found some great pants by Express for only $8.99 😀 I also found an awesome oversized pink polka dotted shirt that I might resize for myself with my sewing machine. This gradient top is New York & Company. This all came out to just under $20. Not bad!

Elleword - this thrift store was huge but they had no dressing room! What the heck?

Elleword - my thrift store finds for the day. Express brand jeans and a New York & Company tank.

The chefs at the coffee shop experienced with Dragon fruit and bacon today and I got to try a free sample. It was pretty interesting, flavor wise. The fruit kinda tastes like kiwi 🙂

Elleword - eating pink dragon fruit with bacon at XO Coffee in downtown Plano, TX

That’s all for now 🙂

Have courage,
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Thirsty Thursday

In case you were wondering, I’m thirsty for more out of life haha. My phone died midday so I hardly captured any moments from the day, sorry. But I did manage to get a few before the battery bit the dust. First, here’s my OOTD.

Elleword - My gifted sweater from New York & Company paired with a thrifted vintage denim skirt and Bean Pole bag. I love these gold coach shoes!

This skirt is so comfy!


To get the day started, I hit the library and the library in search of some language books to help me study up on my Japanese and French. Yea, I’m learning a few languages all at once, trying to jump start my brain, hahah. I feel it’s working. I’ve linked up with some language exchange partners who will help me practice what I’ve learned on Skype and FaceTime. Until I get a decent grasp on the languages, I’m mostly helping them with English right now hahah.


I also scored an intern recently! Her name is Sakura. She’s a friend of mine and talented makeup artist trying to find out what direction she wants to take with her career. I’m hoping that spending time with me will help her learn a few things and find the inspiration she needs. We went out and captured a mixed use space to help the owners start a photography residency program. It’s so open and bright and empty. Perfect for a photographer or videographer who needs a simple spot to work a few hours a week without paying an arm and a leg in studio fees. Once we finished working, we grabbed some food. These sandwiches were delicious!

The pulled chicken sandwiches we had for lunch at XO Coffee in Plano, TX

That’s all for today,

Have courage,
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