25/365 Hitting the Road

Before we left Saint Louis I took this quick pic of the room we slept in this week. The rest of day we drove and drove and drove back to Texas. I missed my bed so much!

24/365 Ice Skating at Forest Park

Brandon and I spent the day together exploring Forest Park. We hit the cafe, planetarium and the ice skating rink before visiting the Saint Louis Arch where Brandon proposed to me for the second time 8 years ago.

22/365 A Little Soup

I spent last night cooking some soup and pulling out things for our trip to Saint Louis.

21/365 X Marks the Spot

I took Brandon to this cafe that I love for some sweet Japanese style treats and drinks. Today is the first day of his time off so we’re hanging out as much as possible starting today!

18/365 Working with Nae

My sister landed her first corporate speaking gig and asked me to come along and document the event. I was really proud watching her give her presentation. Makes me want to up my professional skills in the speaking department. I’m glad I was able to help.

16/365 Thursday Sunset

This time next week I’ll be in Saint Louis with family we haven’t visited in a long time. I hope we can make some great memories and relax. My goal is to keep Brandon from trying to work while we’re there.