Elle Style Defined

#1 Key Factor – Color

I love my brown skin and complexion. Color theory states that nothing makes brown look better than when it’s combined with pastels and light tones. In a world where everyone says that black should be a go to color for clothes, I have to disagree. Black is chic, no doubt, but it makes brown skin look dull. Besides, my personality is outgoing so I need clothes that reflect that. Just about everything in my closet, with the intentional exception of a few specific items, is a shade of coral, green, tan or blue.


#2 Key Factor – Femininity

As of the last couple of years, I’ve really started to embrace myself for the size and shape that I am. I accept my petite bust, broad shoulders, long arms and bowed legs. As a way to celebrate my unique beauty, I’ve picked clothes that make me feel feminine and sexy. This usually means choosing skirts, dresses and a variety of tops that complement my body without having to be half naked or feeling like I can’t breathe.

#3 Key Factor – Pattern

I’ve seen lots of women stick to solid colors for the majority of their looks. Solids are great but I like to spice things up by wearing patterns. The most common one is floral but I also have some polka dots, Aztec print, paisley and chevron in the mix. The great thing about my wardrobe is that I can mix just about any pattern with another and they will mesh. This is because they are in the same color family! I also have a variety of fabric types from denim, to chiffon to polyester.


#4 Key Factor -Flexibility

Because I’ve limited my wardrobe to a set number of items (blog post coming soon), I need to make sure that I can mix and match items for new looks without having to buy new clothes. I work for myself and always want to look my best in case I run into a future client. I’m also involved in church activities during the year as well as services on Sundays. With this in mind, I need my wardrobe to be flexible; in other words, appropriate for multiple occasions. That usually means adding a modest blazer or cardigan to cover my mid section if I need to go from a summer date to a business meeting in the same afternoon.

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