The Culprit: A Short True Story

I keep getting these emails from my apartment complex reminding me not to break the rules; particularly, rules that have nothing to do with me. They can’t single out people directly for fear of backlash, so whenever something goes wrong, they email everybody. Hence I was reading yet another message about cleaning up after one’s dog, not running water across balconies and proper trash disposal. It was like primary school all over again. I don’t even have a dog or balcony and we always throw trash away in the proper areas like capable adults.

Not that I blame the complex for messaging everyone. As nice as it is living here, there are some real slobs living here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen puddles in the elevator left by people who went swimming. Or worse, their dogs peeing in there, GROSS! Imagine slipping in the elevator and landing in dog urine. Crap like that deserves a monetary penalty or eviction! I wish they’d had an elevator camera to catch them fiends. Why can’t adults be decent humans and good neighbors?

Today I witnessed one of these rule breakers in action. I was sitting by the pool, reading a book and just trying to breathe after finally being able to spend an afternoon at home after months at my day job. As I got through a few pages, I started hearing something that sounded like a sprinkler. No, not a sprinkler. Rainwater? I looked up from my pool chair. Two floors up, a middle aged lady was walking back into her apartment from her balcony. Moments later, she returned with a water bottle and began pouring it out onto her planters. These planters apparently have no trays beneath them because the water was just cascading over the edge and splashing onto the balcony below. Afterwards she leaned over the edge of her guard rail as to assess how much water had fallen below.

That right there, my friends, is why humans can’t have anything nice. SMH.

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