I will always ‘take a chance’ on myself. I am worth the risk.

Last time I got on here I mentioned that I’ve decided to live by a new set of affirmations. Since I’m sitting in a dealership waiting area, I figure now is as good a time as any to start sharing them on the blog.

I will always ‘take a chance’ on myself. I am worth the risk.

I know my slogan is to have courage but I often find myself going out of my way for others to be dependable. However, I haven’t been doing that for myself. I haven’t been taking risks (small or otherwise) in order to see what I can make outta a situation or my goals. So I’m starting small by putting myself first. It started the other morning at a One Million Cups meetup. I was there to hear a few presentations and then network before heading into my day job at 11am.

Once it was over, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to chat with the two people I was most interested in before I needed to leave. The bookworm in me wanted to cut my losses and get to the car but then I thought about my affirmation; I will always ‘take a chance’ on myself. I am worth the risk. Instead of rushing off, I decided to stay and talk with both of the people I had my sights on. And you know what happened? I spoke with the creator of Jobbertunity, an app that helps locals connect with other local artisans. These services are searchable in the local market by distance, not by paid ranking. By the end of our conversation, I’d signed up to be a beta tester. I also made a connection with the founder and managing editor of Underest, a web publication for underserved entrepreneurs! I told him my vision for my company expanding into doing photography for brands via monthly retainer and he said he’d like to be my first client!! I’ll be meeting with him this evening.

See what happens when you take a chance on yourself? 🙂 If you see an opportunity, big or small, and you have even the slightest desire to pursue it, do it.

Have courage,


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