I found $9 Express Jeans Today!

Today I went thrift shopping and found some great pants by Express for only $8.99 😀 I also found an awesome oversized pink polka dotted shirt that I might resize for myself with my sewing machine. This gradient top is New York & Company. This all came out to just under $20. Not bad!

Elleword - this thrift store was huge but they had no dressing room! What the heck?

Elleword - my thrift store finds for the day. Express brand jeans and a New York & Company tank.

The chefs at the coffee shop experienced with Dragon fruit and bacon today and I got to try a free sample. It was pretty interesting, flavor wise. The fruit kinda tastes like kiwi 🙂

Elleword - eating pink dragon fruit with bacon at XO Coffee in downtown Plano, TX

That’s all for now 🙂

Have courage,
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