So Much is Happening

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote. I hope you’re not feeling neglected! My apologies, so much is happening all at once these days. I’ll fill you in on some of the details.

To start, Brandon and I are moving in two weeks! It’s a cozier place in the heart of a historic area in town. It’s full of unique shops and restaurants. My shared studio space is within walking distance, as is a park where I can take Justice (woof) when we need an escape from the apartment during the day. I’m so excited to be moving to an active part of town. There are events happening each week and all we have to do is walk outside. The area is so beautiful, it’s like I’ve landed a supporting role in ‘Hart of Dixie’ and I’m living in Bluebell. If I see Lavon Hayes, I’m going to flip!

My company is starting to get noticed, thanks to regular posts and videos on Facebook and Youtube. I’ve partnered with a media company that sends me wedding clients in the area. They edit images in house so all I have to do is shoot and send! I’m already preparing to shoot two weddings next month thanks to them. I also had this great collaboration with a group of stylists and models yesterday. We had so much fun! I feel like I’ve made some friends in the industry and that these images are going to bring great clients and brand recognition for Gernelle Nelson LLC.

I’d love to chat more but my company is calling! Every day I’m learning something new. Every mistake is an opportunity to improve. Every shoot is a victory and step towards my goals. I appreciate your support!

Have courage,

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