One Tasty Date in Addison, TX

This Saturday, my husband and I went to the Taste of Addison event. One of my awesome writing clients hooked me up with two free tickets in exchange for images and a blog post! Naturally I jumped on the chance and asked Brandon to come along for some fun in the park. Before we left the apartment, he seemed a little doubtful that we’d have much fun but I think the promise of food was enough to get him rolling. I’m glad because as soon as we got there, the smells of food made our mouths water!

After we hopped from booth to booth, snacking and chatting away, he started to really enjoy himself. He even got some footage for Periscope! We are both going to need to get in a few extra workouts to make up for all the calories we consumed! After spending three hours in the park, we jumped on the ferris wheel to get a view of the carnival that takes up a large part of the park. It was a little scary up there, but mostly romantic. By the end of the night, Brandon and I were all smiles. A chill started to settle in the air on our walk back to the truck. My feet were hurting from standing most of the day so Brandon carried me on his back for most of the walk back as I cheered him on.

Elleword - Elle and Brandon hanging out at the Taste of AddisonTime for a shameless plug: if you want someone to cover a local event in the Dallas metroplex, feel free to contact me! I love new experiences and strive to take lots of pics whenever I go out and about. I’ll write up a post to go along with the images and have it back to you within a few days. Contact me today to with your ideas.

Have courage,

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19 thoughts on “One Tasty Date in Addison, TX

    1. It’s becoming my favorite too. I never used to attend these events in the past but I’ve finally come of my shell and started enjoying what the city has to offer.

  1. Wow! Your photos captured the essence of that event so well. I used to live in Addison Circle and your post is like a love letter to the city!

  2. That’s sounds like such a fun time! Those pictures are amazing. So happy for you and all these opportunities! It’s cool to see someone take the leap of faith to pursue their dream and to see it work. Gives me some encouragement for myself 🙂

    1. Awe thanks! It’s a challenge not to be complacent and to keep working despite the lack of clients at times. But I feel like I’m becoming a more productive person because of it. When you find your passion and dream, go for it!

  3. I can definitely vouch for Elle’s writing and photos. I wish I had more stuff to send you guys to, Elle!! Hope to meet you both in person one day. ~ Andi

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