Valentine’s Day Surprise for my Husband

1I’ve been married for four years and have a pretty good idea about what my husband likes to do for fun. He loves movies, food, golf, getting active and, as of late, Tori Kelly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard him playing her music, humming along or gushing over something she did or said on Youtube. Seeing him get so excited about something made me want to do something special, surprise him in a big way.

I’ve surprised him in simple ways in the past but nothing grand enough to add to the hall of fame. This time around, I wanted to really blow his mind. As soon as I discovered that Tori would be coming to Dallas in April, I started making plans. A few weeks later, Brandon and I met up with several of my friends and their significant others for a Valentine related breakfast and OOTD shoot for our #ticDateNight blogs.

I asked everyone to gather around as Brandon and I pretended to exchange gifts for the next set of pictures. I handed him a few papers and asked him to take a look.


At first he just glanced and smiled, thinking we were just playing along for the sake of the pics. After all, everyone had gathered around and were all smiles. I pointed at the paper and told him to actually read it this time and his eyes started scanning the page. As realization hit him, his face lit up and he closed his eyes as the biggest smile spread across his face. He was holding a print out of two tickets for a Tori Kelly performance in Dallas. The best part is that if we get there early, we can stand front row center, just a few feet away from Tori herself. Mission accomplished.

Brandon later told me that he had been so touched and shocked that he could feel himself getting a bit emotional but he kept calm in order not to get mushy in front of our friends. I’ve done nice things for him before but being able to do something this big just warmed him up inside.


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Sure, he gets on my nerves and drives me crazy with some of his habits. But he also makes me feel like I can do anything. He tells me I’m sexy, he treats me with care and listens when I’ve had a tough day. We’ve already begun plotting the big day. Both of us will be off work that day, armed with signs, snacks and chairs outside of the venue to make sure that we are there first. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when we go inside and hear her sing live. I plan to vlog as much of the day as I can so he can relive the day whenever he wants. I hope it turns out to be one of those dates that he never forgets, one for the hall of fame.

Have courage,

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