Life as a Bald Woman

One of the first things people ask when they see me is “Are you ok?” because they are concerned that I have come down with a sickness that has reduced me to baldness. Once I reassure them that I’m healthy, they ask “What made you decide to cut your hair?” followed by “Are you going to grow it back out?” and “I don’t think I could pull that look off”. I get lots of mixed reactions from admiration, to shock so I thought I’d write about what life is like for me as a bald woman.

How does it effect my style? My mornings and grooming routines are so much more enjoyable. I don’t have to take hours washing and styling my hair or stress about the weather messing it up. I wake up, get dressed and brush my teeth. I must say, now that I’m bald, I feel like I look good in everything! I could be wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt and feel like a super model. If I want to add some more personality to my already bold/stunning appearance, I put on jewelry, lip gloss or eye shadow but most days, I go without them. I feel the most beautiful when I’m bald so when I go out in public, I smile, hold my head up and run my fingers across my scalp when I’m feeling charismatic.

Do people stare? Sometimes but most of them are just surprised. After a few seconds, they go on with their day. I used to think that people thought I looked strange, but most of them come up to me and go on about how confident I must be and that I look amazing. Children stare sometimes, but kids stare at everybody, lol. I just smile back at them and answer their uncensored questions like “why is your hair like a boy’s hair?” hahahah. Every now and then someone inquires about my health, wondering if I’m a cancer patient or something. One thing I can honestly say is that I haven’t gotten any negative feedback. I thought men would be turned off by my lack of hair but it’s the exact opposite. I asked a few of them why they thought it was attractive and they said that it proved that I had great self esteem and was my own person.

Do I miss having hair? Rarely. I admire women with long hair but I love my bald head. I don’t miss my arms getting tired as I twist, de-tangle and style my hair. I don’t miss having to put in lots of effort to feel like I look ‘decent’. The perk of being bald is looking ‘hot’ everyday. If I feel like whipping my hair back and forth someday, I’ll just pick up a wig, lol. I have to take care of my scalp and guard it from the sun and elements on cold days, but so does everyone else. My head doesn’t really get cold if I wear adequate layers on my torso. Some day I may try growing my hair again, but it won’t be anytime soon. I’m going to be investing in tool to help me shave my own head evenly so I can skip the trip to the barber’s.

If you’re thinking of making a major change like cutting your hair but you’re nervous, please leave a comment. I love encouraging women to do something new and exciting for themselves.

Have courage,

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