Becoming a Bald Babe


If there’s one thing that can stress, depress or inspire us on a daily basis, it’s our hair. Add thinning areas, split ends and texture to the mix and you’re in for a long night. Over the past four years, I’ve been loving, hating and tolerating my hair. Some days I feel amazing and others, I feel like I look bad. I’ve been going back and forth on what to do with my hair a lot lately. It has been growing but not all over my head. There’s a huge thinning area that’s been the bane of my hair attempts since 10th grade.

No matter what product I use or method I try, my hair hasn’t come back. I’ve accepted that I may never have a full head of hair again. Life goes on.

But even with that to deal with, I’ve managed to pull off some great hairstyles and become the master of hiding a thin/bald spot. Thankfully I’m married to a man who doesn’t prize my hair as the source of his affections. When I told him I was ready to go back to the bald look, he was excited. After all, I was bald when we started dating in college. The only reason I started growing my hair was so I could have a natural style on our wedding day.

With my husband’s support and a life without hair stress in view, I started prepping for my haircut. I gave some of my hair products away and put away my combs and clips. I asked Brandon (hubster) to cut my hair short so it would be easy to ditch the length at the barbershop. It turned out to be pretty cute.

The next day, he filmed me as I got my hair cut off completely. It was so freeing! As my stylist was finishing up, someone in the shop commented on how they felt my face was so beautiful with a bald head. I thanked them and proudly walked out the door.

Don’t let something fleeting like hair define you. Know that you’re lovely because of what’s in your heart, not on your head.
Have courage,

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