Let’s Get Down to Business!


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been studying up and planning a strategy for my creative career. I currently work at a marketing firm but the goal is to go solo. For a few years, I’ve wanted to officially establish myself and create a studio space but I’ve been too afraid. Afraid that I’d fail or file taxes incorrectly or too afraid to talk to people. Well, I’m over that now. I have stopped focusing on the fear and started looking at the benefits of what working for myself will mean. Being able to do something I love. Networking and getting out of my comfort zone. Traveling with a flexible schedule. Creating the types of things that I want to create.

Today I’m filling out my application to establish my LLC. I’m not waiting until I have more money or credit or a fancy location. I’m going for it now! I’ve lined up some models and an MUA in order to rebuild my portfolio and I’m turning our second bedroom into a home studio. I’m creating a website and creating marketing materials. I’m talking to people about what I’m doing. I’m having a few shirts made for myself. I’m working on a branding schedule with video included to keep my brand relevant and people engaged. I’m so excited! The goal is to keep moving forward, to believe and act on my faith. When you do that, there’s not much room for fear to take hold. I can’t spend half of my life in a dimly lit building putting out fires with irritable callers. You guys, this is the beginning! Once I have my official status, I’ll share the name with you and a few more updates! Keep me in your prayers because my goal is leave my day job to do this full time.

Have you guys every started running towards a dream that seemed scary to pursue? What happened? What did you learn?

Have courage,

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