August 26 OOTD: Hump Day, Hard Day

Today was a rough day. I had so many tasks flying at me at work, I got kinda burned out mentally. I’m covering my work and a co-worker’s duties while he is out on vacation this week. Besides a bunch of work, my temporary crown broke into three pieces and I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Apparently they neglected to schedule me for my permanent fitting when I got this thing and I should have had it removed weeks ago. SMH, what the hay man? Despite that, I was still able to find a good OOTD consisting of one of my newer thrifted tops,originally from the Limited and my green slacks from the Gap. Let me know what you think of this one. My pics are a little darker than usual, I didn’t get to take these until the sun was setting.

Have courage,


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  1. Her NAEtion says:

    Your OOTD posts make me wish we didn’t have to wear uniforms at work 😛

    1. Elle says:

      Awe thanks, I’ve been trying to step my game up in the style world 😀

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