July 25, 15 OOTD: Navy and Zebra Stripes

Brandon and I did a lot of running around this weekend. By the time Sunday came, we’d bought several games for the wii and movies. I also connected with two Japanese women in the US that want to do a language exchange with me! I’m really excited about that since I’m studying Japanese independently. I also found some Youtube channels to follow along with as I learn.

It was really hot so I opted for these navy lace shorts from a brand called Alt B. and my thrifted Zebra top and brown sandals. I really loved this look (my husband raved over it too 😀 ). I will definitely be wearing this combo again. My shoulders are naturally broad and seemed to stand out in this OOTD but I’ve learned to embrace that, no shoulder pads required. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Have courage,

My Friend Elle went with lace navy blue shorts and a thrifted zebra top for today's ootd

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