Vetigo Took Over my Weekend

You don’t know how great some things are until they go missing. Things like being able to turn your head and stand/sit without the room spinning. That’s the kind of thing that has been happening to me for the last four days. I’d been dizzy since Friday so I went to the hospital on Sunday night. Apparently, I have been experiencing vertigo, something that most common in older people. It’s basically random motion sickness that you feel when you move your head because of some inner ear issue. Sometimes you just get dizzy, other times you feel like you could throw up or your head starts hurting.

Along with that, I was told that I’ve got a bacterial infection that could be killed off with antibiotics. This is so random, I thought. I spent my Monday at home, resting, moving slowly, getting my prescription filled and feeling a little sad. Everything I did that day had to be done carefully so I wouldn’t end up tripping or bumping into something.

I seriously hope that this is a one time deal. It’s summer time and I would love to go swimming but in this condition, it may not be possible. The funny thing about all this is that before I went to the hospital, my husband and I were freaking out. The first thing that came to mind was pregnancy. Now babies are awesome and all but neither of us is trying to convince the stork to visit our apartment, hahah. We kept Googling the symptoms of pregnancy and going over scenario after scenario of how we’d have to adjust if it turned out to be true. After sweating about the possibilities, we said a prayer together and headed to the ER.

This experience has taught me to be more grateful about the ‘little’ things that I have going right in my life. It’s so easy to forget how important something we do all the time without thinking is. I confess, I’m a complainer by nature many days. I have to either tell myself to shut up or distract myself by doing something else. Today, as I try to keep my office chair from swiveling around, I’m reminding myself to be optimistic.

I have to move slowly, but I can move without assistance. So my inner ear is out of whack. I can still hear. My eyes still work pretty well and I have not lost my mind. I woke up in a warm bed and not on the ground. I don’t live in fear that someone is going to hurt me or my family each day. I’m alive and God loves me. By those odds, I have to keep smiling and choosing happiness in times like these. Things could be a lot worse.

Have courage,

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