Careless OOTD in June: My Nike Zip Up

Sometimes you just don’t care about the way  you are dressed. All you want is to be comfortable and to watch Youtube videos all day. Is that too much to ask? If you have bills and obligations, yea, it is. But while I’m tending to that big list of responsibilities, I’m going to do it in tennis shoes.

The other day I went to work dressed like this. The dress code at my job is almost non-existent, luckily for me. It’s freezing half of the time so i grabbed a camisole and added this purple Nike zip up jacket. I put on some grey jeans and gold Coach tennis shoes because that’s what my hand landed on when I went into my closet. Since my clothes were pretty much random, I put on some make up and jewelry to keep things interesting and headed out the door. What kind of clothes/looks do you wear on days when you just don’t care about fashion? Do you have those kind of days or are you a well polished fashionista every day? Clearly, I’m not there yet. hahah.

Have courage,

My Friend Elle's purple Nike Jacket OOTD

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2 thoughts on “Careless OOTD in June: My Nike Zip Up

  1. you’re so pretty!! love the sweatshirt and the blue looks amazing on you 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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