4.11.15 My OOTD while Enjoying Some Thrift Therapy

Today I got to go thrift shopping thanks to my husband. He ran a 10k today but he was kind enough to go out with me anyway. We had a good time and Brandon was even picking things up from the rack to see if I liked them. I love him. Anyways, I was kinda unsure about today’s outfit. I hadn’t yet worn the long patterned hoodie from this week’s picks so I pulled that out of my closet first. After seeing that it wouldn’t look good with the black skirt or the grey slacks, I just put my collared pink shirt over it without buttoning it up. Since it was cool out, I put on some black tights. Brandon liked it so that made me feel confident as we went from store to store. Eventually we went back home so he could rest before hanging out with the fellas. I’ve spent my evening doing a little experimenting with software, video doing some light core work on the floor. Let me know what you think about today’s outfit. It’s a real wild card but that’s the only way to tell if you can pull off an outfit.

Have courage,


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