Halted by Germs

I’m sorry that I have posted this week’s capsule and daily outfits. I’ve been trying to survive going to work while not feeling well for a few days. Today, however, is proving to be too much for me. I have a scheduled conference call with my boss and a client at 11:45 am. I decided to stay until that was done and then go back home and rest. I’d be happy to share my OOTDs with you once I get better, which is hopefully in a day or two. Until then, feel free to have a seat in our luxurious lobby and grab a complimentary latte while you wait. 😉

sicklyMeanwhile, I wanted to tell you all that I will be launching a Youtube channel this summer. The official launch date is my birthday, July 5th, but I plan to post a few videos before then as a soft launch so I can start refining my content. I plan to keep my OOTDs and weekly capsules on my blog. But I will post a few style videos on YouTube for those who may be interested. I plan to make most of my videos vlogs and tutorials. My husband has even agreed to be in a few of the videos. I’m really excited to start this project. Hopefully someone finds enjoyment from the channel as well. If you guys have any ideas on what you’d like to see on my channel, please leave a comment below (be sure to use hand sanitizer on your way out, don’t want you to catch my virus, or cold or whatever it is that’s wrong with me today.)

Have courage,

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