3.24.15 Today’s Outfit

So my work day was pretty rough. My computer had a bunch of issues going on and slowed down/stopped progress. I just hope it’s back on track tomorrow. I don’t want a repeat of frustration with PC computers. I almost wish that I could have brought my iMAC to work with me at one point, lol. But even though the work day sucked, I feel great about my look for the day. The light jacket was given to me by a friend. My shirt was a $5 find at the Goodwill and the Jeans came from Macy’s (another Mom gift from a few years back).

My day improved greatly once I got home. My nephew and I went for a walk to the library to pick up a sewing book I requested and stopped for ice cream before heading home. I have really enjoyed having him over for the last couple of days. I’m looking forward to his next visit.

Have courage,


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