3.23.15 Monday’s Outfit

To start the week off, I decided to wear my green slacks from the Gap, mini cable knit sweater and Forever 21 belt. I felt really cute today and it seemed to have an effect on my work day as well. Like plenty of ladies (and gents) out there, I am working on improving my wardrobe. I want to put a higher focus on femininity and what I call “modestly sexy”.

As a way to stay within my budget, I have taken up sewing. With my new skills, I am going to take items that I get from Thrift stores and tailor/customize them for a better fit/look. I can’t wait to start sharing my re-fashioned works. So far, this is my second week of planning my outfits based on a capsule of ten items. Because I know I am limited in advance, I choose a a emphasis color and then surround it with neutrals, textures and a few patterns. By adding some accessories, I create five outfits to wear to work during the week and on the weekend, but for the sake of the blog, and my time, I only archive my week day looks. I’m not a professional stylist or guru. I’m just a girl learning to define my style, one week at a time.

Have courage,


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