Sew What’s New

Seems like I’ve been spending more and more time in front of computers lately. My supervisor wants me to finish up a portion of my training by the end of the month. Usually when I get home, I get right back in front of the computer and start drawing something with my Wacom. But lately, my mind has been feeling overloaded with tech and I need an escape. Of course, I can’t fully take a break from the computer, it’s a key part of my job. But in order to disconnect from some of that, I’m setting some rules for myself.

1. No work training outside of work. I need to get a life!
2. Only draw/illustrate when I feel like it. It’s not like I’m being graded
3. Get physical. My dog and I are going to be walking/jogging buddies. All this sitting down is starting to show!

I’ve started focusing on things that excite me, particularly centered around my wardrobe. Last summer I made a capsule wardrobe and have only added a couple of pieces to my closet since then.  I need another fun personal style project so I sought out the advice of Pintrest and found a bunch of mini capsules where people would only wear 10 items for a week. I thought it would be fun to give that a try next week and document what combinations I came up with. However, the old comfy without style habit mindset has started to kick back in. Once it got cold outside, I started dressing for warmth over style (when you have to stand outside in 24 degrees waiting on a bus, you rethink your outfit choices, I’m just saying). If all goes well  with the mini capsules, I will probably keep it going the next week and so on. I’m going to attempt to only use what I have in my closet/drawers (avoiding the college kid in a dorm attire).

Aside from mini capsules, I wanted to learn another skill related to personal style. I’ve taken up sewing, mostly to alter the clothes that I already have in order to make them fit better but I’m excited to try creating some things from scratch or re-constructing items that I find at the thrift store. To get started, I gathered a bunch of random clothes from the Salvation Army to use as ‘practice’ clothes. I’ve already made two tops, one crop top which will never leave the house unless I’m working out (yea, it looks kinda bad) and one multi-pattern t-shirt. If I like what I make, I will add it to my closet, if not, I will have learned what not to do, hahaha. Once I get good enough at altering the practice clothes, I will move on to my actual wardrobe items that need to be altered to fit a bit better. I will share my sewing pieces once I get better at this along with the pattern/technique I used.

Have courage,

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