Merry Christmas Darling

This year, we weren’t able to go home and visit family. We’d already traveled twice last month for Thanksgiving and seeing our nephew before he shipped off for Navy training. So Brandon and I linked up with my twin sis Gernae (Nae) and her husband (Danio) to celebrate Christmas together. We packed up a few things on Christmas Eve, grabbed Justice (woof) and jumped in the back seat of my sister’s car. She had just finished her shift at work and was excited to get the festivities started.

We spent the night making chili, singing, talking and eating. We also watched a Christmas movie. The next day, we called up our families and sang carols to them over the phone. As the sun set, we took pictures together on the balcony. Nae an I exchanged gifts in the car. Later, we cruised through the neighborhoods, looking at Christmas lights and sipping hot chocolate until Nae fell asleep in the front seat. We didn’t do anything extravagant or spend a lot of cash, but that time I spent with them all was magical. It was our first Christmas together in Texas. I got a little teary eyed when I realized that this was also the first time my sister and I had spent Christmas together in a two years; I missed her.

New Year’s is coming up. I’m not sure what we will be doing, but I hope we’ll be able to spend it together. The four of us and our two furry kids. Meanwhile, I decided to share a few of the pics we took together at the bottom of this post.

Have courage,

cmas4 cmas9cmas5 cmas6 cmas8

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