Surprise Staycation Weekend

There are moments when you’re reminded of how wonderful someone is.

My husband received his yearly bonus at work and had planned on buying a Surface Pro but after a few things came up, we weren’t going to be able to purchase it along with the accessories that he wanted. He decided to try again some other time and use the money for other things. Two weeks ago, he told me not to make any plans for the weekend of the 14th because he had a surprise for me. I also had to avoid checking the bank account or else it would be spoiled. I had no idea how to prepare or what to expect so I just waited excitedly, not sure if he was taking me on a date or perhaps giving me some sort of gift.

When Friday the 12th came, Brandon had taken the day off to get everything together. We’d been running around a lot over the last few weeks, visiting family, working and attempting to get our apartment back in good shape. I was kinda anxious, hoping that whatever we did didn’t mean not being able to rest for a third weekend in a row. After work, Brandon picked me up in a rental car. He’d pack a suitcase for us and dropped Justice (woof) off at my sister’s place. We were going on a trip! As we sped down the highway, I held his hand, nodding off to sleep. A few minutes later, he woke me up and told me to look out of the window. The sun had set by then and the city of Rockwall lay ahead of us, lit up like a Christmas tree near the water’s edge. “That’s where we are going,” he said, pointing at the Hilton Resort and Spa. Surprise, surprise.

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Brandon treated me to a weekend of eating out, movies, and shopping. He gave me a couple hundred dollars to shop with and took me for a walk along the harbor. We slept in as long as we wanted, which ended up being around 7:30 or 8 am. He also told me that my Christmas gift would be arriving to our apartment soon. The best part was that neither of us used our phones, outside of taking a few pictures, the whole weekend. We might have watched an hour of television, if that. We made sure to give 100% of our attention to each other and live in each moment spent together. It was so romantic, so relaxing.I kept finding myself smiling, hugging him and telling him I love him. There are moments when you’re reminded of how wonderful someone is. This was one of those times.

Plenty of women who’ve been married for as long as I’ve been alive have never gotten this kind of treatment from their husbands. Yet, there I was, being showered with affection for three days. Brandon used his bonus to give us a getaway when he could have saved for himself. What a man, my man.

Love without stopping, Elle

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