Fall and All

Fall is here, fall is here. It’s a wonderful time of year, baby!

I would include some awesome image, but my camera is in the shop (cue the violins). I’ve been away for awhile, mostly working and being inspired to create a plan for my business. This is probably the biggest leap of faith that I’ve decided to pursue since picking up my camera and shooting my first wedding four years ago. I will share my plans with you soon, once I’ve started putting things into action. Right now, I have to finish creating my presentation and prepping information. In other words, I may have to take up working late for a few weeks at home. Meanwhile, I’ve been learning how to use my graphic design skills to assist my team at work. I mainly assist with customer requests but the better I get at editing websites, the more I get to focus on those tasks instead of talking on the phone. I have learned so much about people on this job like, how to stay calm when dealing with a pushy person, or what words to use when reassuring someone or how to steer people away from bad decisions. I feel like this is gold, priceless skill that I am improving and can apply to my passion, OHDP. 

Hair Update
It’s been a full year since I first cut my hair to 1.5 inches. I still haven’t figured out the perfect care routine but I think I’m getting closer. My hair seems to be doing pretty well, though I have done my share of accidental damage. At this point, my goal is low manipulation and keeping it moisturized. I’m working on my video for youtube to show you the progress I’ve made, if you like that sort of thing.

Speaking of youtube (and social media), I’ve been going back and forth in my mind about what I really want to write or talk about. There are so many trendy subjects that I’ve seen online, but most of them aren’t things that I’m passionate about enough to speak on all of the time. So I did some meditating on it and realized that the things that I’m most passionate about revolve around marriage, photography and business. So I’ve decided to shift the main focus of my blog and videos to focus primarily on those things. I hope that by reading about my journey to entrepreneurship will inspire others to take a leap of faith towards their dreams. So far, I’ve been researching local creative professionals in order to reach out to them later and maybe create a network of information and support. I hope to be able to teach people about the things that work for me in terms of technique, customer service, finances and organization.

“You don’t always have to know where you are going. You just have to have the courage to take the next step.”


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