Cleaning up, Moving Out

Last night, my husband and I began sorting through one of our closets in preparation for our move next month. As we ruffled through old notebooks and random items that we had stuffed into bins, we realized that we had more stuff than we needed. Some of it can be reused by others, so we are giving those things to the goodwill. Some of it is just junk we held on to for who knows why. That stuff went straight to the garbage. It was late by the time we finished inspecting the last shelf and, exhausted, we pushed things around on the floor to avoid tripping over them in the morning and climbed into bed. We’re planning to organize, toss or donate as much of our stuff as we can each day to make moving as headache free as possible. I just hope we can survive the clutter until then.

Aside from moving into a new place, we are taking a new approach to keeping our home clean. First thing on our list is buying a new vacuum, mop, broom and microfiber towels. We don’t want to bring the ‘dirt of Christmas’ past’ into our new apartment. Secondly, we are switching to natural, homemade cleaners and air freshening techniques. The ingredients in commercial cleansers are full of toxins that can cause more problems than they fix! Some illnesses and allergies are caused by the things we clean our home and clothes with. If you want to make the switch to safe cleaning products and techniques, I suggest watching Clean My Space videos on YouTube.

Lastly, we are going to take on a more aggressive approach to keeping our home pet hair and odor free. This means giving Justice, our 6 year old corgi, a bath three or four times a month during warmer months to combat his shedding. We will also air out the apartment weekly and make natural air deodorizers. At first, it’s probably going to seem like we are cleaning all of the time, but once we get our routine down, it should get easier and faster, as long as we don’t forget to put things away before bed. Having three family members instead of six (dogs included) is going to be a nice change of pace. I think the idea of knowing everything in the place is ours can bring more comfort and motivation to keep things in good shape. I’m actually looking forward to cleaning our new apartment, lol.

Stay organized, Elle

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