Whatever’s Clever Date


The week had been a busy one, full of long days of working and helping out at church. There’s two things you can do after a week like that; sleep or do something fun. My husband Brandon and I haven’t gone out in a little while so we decided to go on a whatever’s clever date. We call it that because you spend the day trying new things or going somewhere you haven’t been before as long as it looks fun or interesting.  We’ve been here for a year and are finally able to go out and explore what’s around us. This date was a G-baby date, meaning I got to decide where we were going and what we did for the day.

Brandon picked out something really cute for me to wear from the items we’d bought our on last spree. Then he decided to get out of his usual routine by selecting a light sweater vest and shorts for himself. We spent our day checking out an Instagram exhibit in the One Arts Plaza, eating at El Fenix for the first time, peeking inside the nature museum, window shopping at Highland Village and going to see the X-men movie at the Studio Movie Grill. It was so much fun, it almost felt like we were on vacation! You guys should try taking your spouse or special someone on a whatever’s clever date. Doing something neither of you has tried before together is exciting and refreshing. You won’t regret it (as long as you aren’t trying something that makes one of you uncomfortable, scared or grossed out!)

xoxo, Elle


DSC_1226 DSC_1202 DSC_1188

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