Capsule Wardrobe Plans


In order to improve my fashion sense, I’ve decided to get rid of all of the items in my wardrobe that make me look under 21 (although sometimes, this can’t be helped, I’ve got a real baby face). I tossed out so many things, some that I really love, but in the long run they don’t add to my ideal appearance. What look am I going for? I want to look stylish, professional, and of legal age, lol. I’m often mistaken for a teenager but I’m turning 27 this year. With my career goals, I need to be taken seriously by potential clients and employers. With that in mind, I’m creating capsule wardrobes with summer.

I want each capsule to contain 50 items total; shoes, tops, bottoms and dresses. Now that doesn’t include accessories, camisoles, or lounge wear for around the house and working out. It’s going to be challenging. I’ve got to put more thought into my look ahead of time and really get creative with the combination of items to wear. In order to help myself do this, I photographed all of my wardrobe items in order to plan my looks in advance and avoid too many repeats. I will post them on here for your input as well as images of me in them. I have to stick with each capsule for three months so once they are set, no adding! Right now, I’m at 48 items. I just need to add a pair of black dress shoes and wedges to make my wardrobe complete! Then the cataloging can begin!

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