The Romance Movement

I wanted to purposely address another area in my life that could always benefit from more effort. Adding to that list of goals, I am working on being more romantic and thoughtful in my marriage. I can already hear some of you now, that’s his job to romance you. Hear me out will ya?

My husband has been such a good friend to me ever since we started dating five years ago. He does his best to consider my feelings and thoughts when it comes to making big decisions. He is faithful to God and to me. When I think about that, I have to remember the times before we met. I won’t go down the list, they aren’t worth mentioning, but I will say this. My husband is truly the best man I know and having him in my life is a big deal. In a world full of ‘independent women’ I’m not ashamed to say that I love my husband and that we are co-dependent on God and each other. That being said, I want to make sure he knows that I appreciate him.

The other day, I started on my ‘romantic quest’ by going to the flower shop and buying him a single stem rose. After that, I took a shower and put on something pretty before picking him up from work. Instead of waiting outside, I parked and stood at the receptionist desk, hiding the rose behind my back. Once he showed up I gave him a big hug and handed him the rose saying that I was really happy to see him (and I was!).

Then I took him to a restaurant that neither of us had been to before called BJs.We sat in a booth on the furthest wall away from the door so we could have a view. The food was great and we talked about our future plans and the perks that we hope to get once we have gotten our finances in order. Once we were done eating, we rented a few Redbox movies (he loves movies) and went home to watch them together until we fell asleep. It felt so good to do something nice and unexpected for him. This date inspired me to start purposely working towards keeping the romance in our relationship.

Let’s start a movement.

Let’s vow to put a greater effort into making sure our spouses feel appreciated and special. It doesn’t have to be centered around gifts and dates. Maybe all you need to do is start taking over a few of those errands that your spouse usually handles or cooking a meal for the two of you. But here are a few guidelines that can always help when taking part in this challenge.

1. Whatever you do for them, do it without expecting anything in return. This movement is about being romantic or thoughtful towards your partner to make them feel special.

2. Tell them how you feel often. For my husband, I do this by saying ‘I love you’, texting or emailing him pictures and praying with him before we go to work.

3. Do something, anything together. Showing interest in something your partner likes to do counts for more than doing something that you like to do. Brandon has made it a goal of his to go to the gym several times a week. Now when I see him getting ready to leave, I throw on some sweats and go with him. We have our own work out regimens but we spend about 15 minutes of it stretching together.

4. Share it with others. Doing these romantic gestures for your spouse is going to open a door to feelings of fulfillment, gratefulness and joy. Other people need to see that side of love. Talk, tweet, and post about it. Your love could inspire others.


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