May Update

Last time I wrote, I talked about my first collaborative photo shoot fail. Well, since then I have bounced back and been coordinating a second attempt shoot. It’s happening this Saturday! I’m working with plus size models, and two accessory designers. I must admit, I’m still a bit nervous. Last time I was cancelled on at the last minute but the people I’m coordinating with are very good about updating me. The best part is that my husband is going to be assisting me on the shoot.

I’ve been revising my company brand and some great things are happening as a result. We are taking the next 12 months to totally redefine the company and set things in motion for a reboot! Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work. Yes, there will be some times when things don’t go to plan. Yes, we are still going through with it! We are not going to let this dream go to waste, we are not giving up.

I just finished creating a big topic list for my YouTube channel. With better organization and planning, I’m going to start posting videos on the regular basis. How regular? Well, I want to start by posting twice a month and build from there. I’ve learned from experience that it’s best to start some things simply and then add on as time passes.

Meanwhile, I have been sticking with my 365 Artistic Days and 52 Weeks  photography projects for 2014. I missed two days so far but this has been a great ride so far! I’ve learned something new each time I set my camera up. It’s been a real challenge because I don’t want all of my images to look the same. It’s also been theraputic, since every image comes with a written entry about my day or thoughts. It’s like a photo diary. You guys should try it, if not for a year, try it for a month, a week, three days. You may find that you like it!

Don’t give up!

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