Every Champ has had a Loss

So this weekend, I was going to conduct my first collaborative shoot between a make-up artist and 6 models. After two months of planning, trial and error and some research, I made it to a few days prior. There I was, all excited, checking my list twice, scoping out idea places to shoot and discussing wardrobe when it happened. A couple of models cancelled at the last-minute. Then, after a few more random setbacks, I realized that I would have to cancel my session. This really hit me hard. I was really set on getting this done, I had even found people to assist me by taking pics for Instagram and recording some footage for Youtube. All of my work seemed to be going to waste,… or was it?

Although my Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot didn’t get off of the ground this time around, I learned a lot along the way. This was my first attempt at a group shoot of this caliber and for a rookie, I made it pretty far into the process. I still plan to conduct this shoot but it will be months from now, when I’ve been able to re-plan and re-group. Failing sucks, for everyone, but as my friend Chief Wakil says, “Every champ has had a loss, it’s part of the schedule”. With that being said, I’ve got to keep moving forward. So I’m doing what any optimist would do in this situation; I’m going to try again.

This time around, I’m working with a group of models and accessory designers in downtown Dallas in May. The plan is to provide all of them and myself with portfolio material. As far as the models from the Alice shoot, I plan to collaborate with them, one on one to build my base of images. No sense in letting those connections go to waste!

If you are working on a big project or assignment and something doesn’t go the way you planned, don’t let that stop you. Sure it is discouraging, it can hurt or make you angry but don’t quit. Figure out a way around it. Come up with an alternative way to get it done. Start from scratch if you have to. Reach out to someone who has done it before and get tips. If there’s a goal or dream that you want to see come to life, the key is to believe that it’s possible and then make it happen!

Don’t give up!

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