It’s March Already?

If I hadn’t taken a pic everyday, I wouldn’t believe it. We are 68 days into 2014 already!! I got delayed on posting my next video because a bunch of stuff has started. For the next couple of weeks, both Brandon and my schedules are going to be jam-packed!

We basically have every Tuesday-Friday night booked with church sponsored activities from now until April. It’s been really tough trying to find time to relax or spend together outside of a class since we both have full-time jobs but thankfully, our days are going to be freed up once these classes end in 3 weeks. I’m looking forward to having time to cook dinner again because right now, dinner means whatever we can grab out of the kitchen or pick up on our way to church, hahah. But aside from dinner options, we’ve really enjoyed our time at church.

On Tuesdays, we learn about financial management, how to get rid of all debt, and saving/investment options. Then on Fridays, we discuss the ins and outs of marriage with a small group of other couples. This class has sparked a lot of conversations that have led to private talks between Brandon and me. I can tell its having a positive impact on our communication and the way we view spending time together. The more we hear other people’s stories, the more we appreciate the love we have and want to find ways make the most of it.

The small group couples class requires us to go on date nights, providing a few suggestions. On Thursday, we spent our date night talking for two hours on the couch without television, computers or cell phones.  At first things started off kind of slowly but after about 5 minutes, the conversation started to pick up. If we came to a spot where we didn’t know what to say next, we picked up our class workbooks and read one of the questions that came with this particular date assignment. We haven’t talked like that in so long. I’d forgotten how fun it is.

It’s easy to assume you know a person after a certain amount of time but the more you take time to talk to each other, the more you realize there’s so much to learn. Moral of the story, never stop getting to know each other. Brandon loves spontaneous dates so I hope to start coming up with ideas to spring on him when our schedules open up. That’s all for now!


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