Spreading the Word

To give you an update, I’ve been working on a new video for my youtube channel in connection to my last blog post, the Romantic Movement.

In the meantime, I’m about to start studying marketing tactics and developing my leadership skills. While this will definitely help me excel at work, I also want to use these tools to push my photography business, youtube page and blog. What’s the use of doing all of this stuff if it doesn’t reach anybody? Art for the sake of art? Well, if that were all I wanted to do, I would write this down in a notebook and keep it on my bookshelf. Writing this blog has been a great experience. It feels good to share my ideas and experiences with you guys (all five of you who read my blog posts, lol). Now that I have added videos and photography to the mix, I’ve got a nice group of options to get creative and hopefully inspire somebody in the process. With some trial and error under my belt, I want to focus on developing and reaching out to an audience or several demographics.

Maybe each social network I use to can have a specific theme so you won’t see a bunch of the same things being posted on all of my posts. Or maybe they all could follow the same theme but separate components of it. I think that’s a great way to start! Are you working on a blog, photo series, video channel, etc.? I’d love to hear about it. Maybe we could keep each other encouraged and partner up some time!

Don’t give up,

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