Domestically Blissful

What’s up Creatives,

I really enjoy reading (or listening to) blogs by women. Some of them are based around fashion and DIY projects, but others are about lifestyle and art forms. The more I look around the more I realize how much great inspiration is out there. Currently, I’m getting attached to a young newlywed named Giustina and her blog, Domestically Blissful. She is a stay at home wife and married to a dental student. What I love about her blog is her love for her husband and cooking. I secretly hope to become an awesome cook whose food is healthy and pretty to look at, lol. She has got this skill down pact! I also like that she has dived into her passions and really created some great projects in her time at home.

A lot of women may be reading this like, awe heck naw, stay at home wife (she isn’t a mother yet) life would drive me insane. But she has figured out a way to stay highly inspired and share her ideas with others. That’s one of my goals for Artistic Flare, to inspire others to take creative action. I think that’s something we all should strive for, even if only 3 people read your posts, it’s worth the effort. You may even surprise and inspire yourself. Don’t worry about what others think, just take a step. My steps so far are to take one photo of myself everyday this year, and one of my husband and I once a week. I also want to work out more to build my energy level, I’m going to need it if I want to jump start my photography business and become a full time creative free agent. Though I can’t get moving today, trying to fight off this fever I have, I’m limited to the couch and viewing the world from my laptop.


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