Goal: Fashion and Blogging

As promised I am continuing with my explanations of my goals. Aside from hair care, I also want to improve my fashion sense and record vlogs/blogs. First let’s tackle the fashion. Ok, so I have had an interesting sense of fashion for a long time, some years were a bit on the odd side, while others were just downright bad ideas. In the new year, I have so many plans and those plans demand that my physical presentation be 100% to make good impressions. I’m going to spend the next 12 months picking up colorful, classy clothes that compliment my shape and make me look closer to 25 years old, opposed to 16. This also means wearing make-up more often and staying in shape. I’m not sure what my workout will be, but I just want to start small by getting in there!

As far as blogging and vlogging, this will take more discipline and dedication. In order to stimulate my mind with as many creative outlets as possible, I’m picking up my laptop, and camera, and putting it out there. There have been several instances where people have told me they enjoyed reading my blog or even tried something that I suggested for themselves.

I recently launched Artistic Flare, a channel on youtube with one goal: to inspire others to take creative action. Most of my videos there will focus on life updates, photography, and natural hair. With these topics, I’m sure to have plenty to talk about as I work on growing out my hair, becoming a full time artist and just walking out this Christian life one day at a time with my husband by my side.

Peace & Love


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