Some Personal Goals

Now that 2014 is coming, and after lots of trial and error, I’m amending my goal list. First, I’m taking web based design techniques off of the list. Though I majored in graphic design, web is not an area that I truly want to work in. It became obvious to me that my passion lies with photography, and creative writing/video.

Secondly, I’m going to add one item, and that’s getting a closer relationship with God. HE is the reason I am where I am, have made the strides that I have and the wonderful marriage I get to live out every day. It is my deep desire to know HIM, his purpose for me and how I can make a difference. Here’s my new list of goals:

Get closer to God
Grow longer natural hair
Improve my fashion sense
Record vlogs/blogs
Become a full time artist (no more day job!)
Organize my life (I can be a bit messy)

I will be elaborating on each goal and how I hope to master them. I also plan to share one of my techniques for success with you all. Maybe you could use it in your own quest to become a better you.

Don’t give up!

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