It Actually Happened

It’s times like these, when Im sitting outside of Starbucks with my laptop before my shift starts. When I wake up in the morning next to my husband in our apartment. When my dog walks with me to return my library books. It actually happened, we are really in Texas. I’ve been here a couple of months now but it’s still hitting me that we made this move. With each week, we are discovering more about ourselves and trying new things like food and ditching our bed frame. We have almost finished packing up our things and tomorrow we move into the 2 bedroom apartment. And 17 days from now, my sister and brother in law will have made the same journey. This is too cool, I feel like Im finally living the type of life I want. One where I live with family in a city with so much to do and many business opportunities just waiting to be grabbed. Sigh, this is the life 🙂

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