Two Couples, One Apartment

Hey all!

Sorry that I haven’t written lately. I have been busy planning and working my business strategy while getting ready for another move. Brandon and I are moving next door into a two bedroom apartment in preparation of my twin and her husband’s arrival. While we have enjoyed meeting new people and the experience here, there is nothing like family. We’re very excited! Nae (Gernae), my sister, and I are already thinking of ways to deck out our new place together. She’s also going to join me in working out a strategy for Our House.

On a side note, you never know whose watching you. We have been contacted by a couple of people who were inspired by our move and want to do similar things for their lives. It’s like a ripple effect that I hope keeps going. I must say, our decision to move was a leap of faith. We didn’t have much money, know anyone in the area or solid job opportunities when we made up our minds to do this. But what we did have was faith; crazy, blind faith that God would show us what to do. I’m amazed every day when I wake up and remember where we are! So many things are working out in our favor, I know it was all inspired from HIM. Now I’ve go t to do my part to make sure the blessings don’t stop coming.

x o x o
The Artistic Chic

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