We Are Here!!

It’s been several months in the making but Brandon and I have moved to Texas (cue the Tim McGraw music). We are so flipping excited to be here. Brandon has already started working in the Dallas office and learning the ins and outs of drafting at headquarters. I’m on a job hunt and a search for artistic activities or individuals to touch base with. My first course of action for the business is to seek out and make an alliance with some photographers in the area. If I can get two of them to let me second shoot with them or at least give me some advice, that would mean a great deal! Eventually, I will be going full time as a business owner, especially since my twin sis and her husband are going to be joining us in August! They will be visiting for a few days, starting tomorrow, to take a look at the area. This is really exciting.

So far, my view of the area is a positive one. Most people here are friendly, much like Mississippi and there are a lot of spanish and chinese speakers in the area. We’ve got to get our spanish skills up, that alone would qualify us for more opportunities. Brandon loves the fact that there is a sports bar up the street that has a ping pong table in it. We plan to take up playing table tennis together soon. We both now have bicycles and gave them a test run the other night. It was a good workout and a gas saver. There is a discount grocery store, a dollar movie theater, and  several other places right across the street from our apartment. We plan on utilizing the public transit system soon, just to see where it can take us and how we can integrate that into our weekly routine. In the long run, it would save us up to 3 months worth of gas money if we get yearly passes. Oh yea, did I mention the World Asian Market? It’s full of asian merchant shops, a grocery and a crepe shop! I had never had a crepe prepared like the ones on all those anime I watch but this one is the real deal. Soooo good. (And yes, I watch anime, no shame in my game!!)

Okay, I could talk your ear off about more but I don’t want to give it all away in one go. Have a great day, I know we are!!

The Artistic Chic

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